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tdk2828 05-22-2012 2:04 PM

Moomba Outback - Check Engine Light
Hello All - Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

I am thinking about buying a used 2009 Moomba Outback with an Indmar Assault 325 Engine. The boat is located in the current owners garage. When I went to look at it, we put the key in the ignition and turned in to accessory. All of the gauges lit up normally, but the check engine light was also illuminated. The owner assured me that the check engine light goes off once you actually start the engine. Are there any other Moomba owners that could validate this? Does the check engine light always come on while the ignition is turned to accessory, and then go off once the engine is started?

Thanks in advance!


Dmaxed 05-22-2012 2:58 PM

I believe all the lights should illuminate before you start so you can verify all the bulbs or LEDs are working as like any car or boat for that matter. Then once the engine is started the check engine light should not be illuminated anymore... that is if infact nothing is wrong. Thats how my moomba lsv works anyways.

bjames 05-22-2012 3:13 PM

I had a 2009 Moomba LSV. If I had the key turned on (rotated clockwise to the first click, just before the starting position) for too long without starting, my engine light would light. You can always start it up for 2 seconds, then tur it off. That way you will see if the enging light will turn off. Also, FYI, the engine light will come on ANY time a parameter is out of spec. The light can be reset after starting the engine 5 times. If the light turns off, then it could have ben something minor. If the light come on again, something may be wrong. I had an issue with my engine light comming on quite a bit, only to find out that the TX/COM wiring connection was loose causibng an engine fault. It was fixed by the dealer securing all COM wiring connections.

jmvotto 05-22-2012 8:38 PM

I had a dead battery once And the check engine light went on. It took three to five engine warm up cycles to disappear after a new battery .

2007 obv Moomba .

fman 05-22-2012 9:52 PM

Hopefully you are actually going to take the boat out on the water before purchasing, if not, would highly recommend it. This will definitely answer your first question and will allow you to be in the boat, drive it, check out the wake, power, how the engine performs, potential problems, etc....

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