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V 05-19-2012 7:41 AM

boat question help
I am looking at a newer boat and was wondering what would be equivelant to an MC X-2? Looking for something that is garage friendly, with a ballast system, tandem axle trailer, perferably with the pickle fork in the front. I am leaning towards the 06 model. Any help would be appreciated.

polarbill 05-19-2012 9:29 AM

You are leaning towards a 2006 X2?

So you want a 20 or 21' picklefork boat? There aren't a whole lot of options if you are looking to spend somewhere between 40-50k. IF you can find a used MB 21 tomcat that would be an option. Not sure if there are any used Axis A20's out there but they should be in the 40-50k range as well. Are the Tige RZR's or R20 in that price range?

If you aren't completely stuck on the pickle fork idea the Malibu VTX is a great boat. the newer Moomba Outback V's as well.

Dmac420sj 05-19-2012 10:04 AM

I am biased but you can throw down 25k a grab a Sanger v21O wake series edition a have a low sexy beast ! With the black scorpion motor . I'm just sayin tho.

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