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05-18-2012 3:23 PM

What tube?
What is the best tube for riding in front of a rider with a go pro? Flat or sit in? Will a wake main line handle the weight? I have a few extra line and really don't want to buy one.

Bumpass1 05-18-2012 4:00 PM

We use this one from Airhead. It is a 3 man tube that is flat and very stable. It has little side fins that you can put your feet up against to help support and balance yourself with. You also have to work to get this thing outside of the wakes. As far a rope goes you will want to pick up a tube rope for any tube you get. There is so much drag on the tubes that I would not trust a mainline to work. The last thing you want is to have a line snap and get flung back into the people sitting in the boat. Bad things can happen. Tube ropes are cheap. You should be able to pick up a 3-4 person rope for around $25.00


Bumpass1 05-18-2012 4:01 PM

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