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rzmike 08-21-2003 10:38 AM

Anybody ever had the aluminum trim around the windshield replaced or repaired? <BR> <BR>The upright on the port side where the walkthrough glass hinges has split. I guess from the weight of the walkthrough being folder over while riding. I called Tige, but they said I can't order the individual pieces. I have to order the whole port side assembly - glass and all. I imagine this is going to be very expensive. <BR> <BR>Thought I'd see if there were any other options before I spend that kind of money. <BR> <BR>

leggester 08-21-2003 11:21 AM

What age is the boat? I would not expect an upright to split. My boat is 7+ years old and never had a problem with the uprights. Run most of the time with the window open. <BR> <BR>If you mean the metal tube supporting the windshield ad the walk through, you can pick those up a West Marine or Overton's.

rzmike 08-21-2003 4:05 PM

It's a 2001. It's not the round tube that supports the windshield. It's the square aluminum that makes up the frame around the glass. I've always ran with the window open on previous boats I've owned and never had a problem either. I don't know what the deal is this time.

leggester 08-21-2003 4:11 PM

I'd be asking for a replacement. Unless it was abused somehow?

rzmike 08-21-2003 4:46 PM

No, I haven't abused it. Just regular riding. I didn't buy it new, so I'm not sure about the warranty stuff. I've got all the paperwork, so I'll have to sit down and look it over. My guess is, it's not covered anymore.

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