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phillywakeboarder 05-17-2012 8:57 PM

Has anyone added a T Bar to a handle?
I was wondering whether anyone has successfully added a T bar to a handle. I've got a few really nice handles that I never use anymore because they don't have a T bar and I'd like to get them back in the rotation now that my lone T Bar handle is falling apart. So all those DIY wrappers out there speak up!

benjaminp 05-18-2012 5:31 AM

Never tried it, but I cant imagine it would be that hard. Cut a piece of aluminum pipe to the length you want, drill a hole through the middle, feed it onto your handle to the spot you want, tie a knot (I'd go with a figure 8) above and below it, wrap it in hockey tape, done.

shredthagnar 05-18-2012 5:36 AM

Send it to a rope manufacturer and they do it for you. I used to work at one and we did all types of repairs and tweaks to all different types of handles

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