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WakeDirt 05-16-2012 9:34 PM

Shower has not Hot water
Ok, so i was out last friday, i dont think its the pump's impellar, or the pump at all is the problem. I have cold water with good pressure, and hot side has ok pressure, but will not get hot or warm at all? Yes the boat is on and warmed up, tried it at 1200rpms, and nothing, not even after a few minutes......any ideas? :banghead::confused:
MB Sports Team23 2006

azeus17 05-17-2012 6:39 AM

Is the hot water hose connected to the block? I am not a shower expert, but the way you explain no pressure and no heat makes it sound like you are missing the hot water source all together.

WakeDirt 05-17-2012 7:11 PM

Ya I have a PCM 6.0 ZR^ with the heat exchanger, thats where the red hose is connected

wakebrdjay 05-17-2012 7:22 PM

Is the engine temp getting up to where it normally is? Possibly the thermostat stuck open?

05-17-2012 7:29 PM

My guess would be the opening to the fitting coming from the drain hole on the block has a little bit of rust covering it up. Take the fitting out from the block and if water comes out, check your fitting and line. if water does NOT come out, take a piece of wire and clean the drain hole out. Put a sealer back on your fittings threads and be on your way.

WakeDirt 05-17-2012 8:33 PM

I can blow water through it, back into the line. There doesnt seem to be a blockage???

greg2 05-18-2012 6:35 PM

I would clean the screens on the mixing valves...My hot did the same this one time. You could blow air through it, but water would not flow. Ended up being the screen.

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