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alanp 05-15-2012 7:51 PM

considering a move to dallas or ft worth
dallas is on my radar as a potential city to move to later this year(phoenix is the other). i dont know much about the city though. my wife and i are in our 30's. looking to live in a trendier part of town. we dont have kids. we are looking for an area close to bars and restaurants, a lake within 30-45 mins and we also enjoy lots of outdoor activities.

how is traffic?
cost of living(looking to spend about 500k on a home)
area's to consider in dfw.
activities outside the city

pierce_bronkite 05-16-2012 9:15 AM

If you're looking at Dallas based on your requirements I woud say up town Dallas would be up your alley. All the trendy bars and restaurants you can think of. Traffic sucks. A few lakes that are 30-45 minutes away. A cable park is about 20 minutes away. For 500k you can buy a small mansion, housing and cost of living is cheap. There is a ton of stuff to do in Dallas. House of Blues is close by, American Airlines Center (Mavericks and Dallas Stars), The BallPark (Texas Rangers) and Cowboys Stadium is about 20 minutes away from Dallas. Just to name a few.

Also here in Texas we carry guns and ride big trucks, we dont watch the bachelorette.....kidding...well except for the guns an truck part!

Xtreme_Aviator 05-17-2012 5:04 AM

Uptown is the young, trendy area (bars, clubs, comedy, theatres, sports events). Anywhere north downton Dallas and south of NW Hwy is close enough to this area. You will have to grab an aparment or condo to be within walking distance of bars, but tons of houses starting at 250K within a short drive. I would say that most people, even in their 30's live in the suburbs, north of Dallas (Irving, Allen, McKinney, Lewisville, Rockwall). Each city has their own little bar area. In Texas, everything is big and widespread, we like to drive(big trucks and suvs), public transportation is pretty far behind but getting better.

Immediately south of downtown dallas is not considered the best area to be at night.
Traffic depends on when and where you are going. Its not standstill unless there is a huge wreck.
Any type of racing, offroading, hunting, fishing, boating, tons of golf courses, sailing, kiteboarding, sand volleyball, cable parks, float the rivers(hrs south of Dallas)

eubanks01 05-17-2012 12:00 PM

As the others have mentioned, Uptown or downtown is probably your best place to live (based on the wants you mentioned) unless you want to be closer to a lake. There are several in the area plus Hydrous in Allen is one of the nicest cable parks in the country. Outdoor activities...not in the summer in Dallas! It's too dang hot but maybe you don't care since you're considering here and Phoenix. There are some biking trails and such but Dallas is not a very scenic place to do outdoor stuff unless you're at the lake.

$500K will be a lot of house in Dallas, or at least get you in a really nice part of town. Uptown is the trendy area but is mostly going to be apartment living. You can check Lakewood, the "M" streets, or housing just north of downtown for an actual house.

Good luck! Dallas isn't a very "pretty" city but is a great place to live with tons of things to do.

jperkinsttu 05-17-2012 1:13 PM

Fort worth has a new trendy area called West 7th that is west of downtown Fort Worth and seems to be doing very good. You will find two different types of people depending on which city you decide to go to. I'll let you be the judge but it's not hard to tell where people are from around here. But there are several lakes with good driving distance plus 3 cables within an hour and half of each other. You should be able to find what you want with 500k pretty easy. Good luck on your search though. Get ready for hot and humid ass summers that start in march and end in march haha. Two seasons down here, HOT and the not so hot. Oh and if you aren't used to driving with ja's in rain or the off chance of ice just be prepared.

stanfield 05-17-2012 2:18 PM

Lived in the Downtown, Uptown, M streets (lower greenville) most of my adult life (18 - 30 yo when I got married). If you work in the immediate area (as I did), it's a fun place to live, but if you have to commute anywhere it can be cumbersome. Uptown is the main hot spot right now in Dallas, but like others have mentioned, you're looking at an apartment or condo. Personally, I like to have a garage. Like others have also said, most young couples live in the burbs and commute in (depending on where they work). Yes, all of the burb city's have their own little bar area, but it's nothing like either downtowns of Dallas or FTW. IMO the nightlife in the Dallas area has gone downhill. Most of the cool and unique bars/club have been closed. It's a weird trendy crowd now that likes to pretend they're living in LA or NY. Dallas used to have a great local music scene that is all but pretty much gone now. Like Jarrod mentioned, on the other side of the metroplex, the 7th st area of Fort Worth is booming. I live closer to there now and I'd much rather hang in that area than the Uptown Dallas area. The nice thing about that area is there is a mix of all new condos that have been renovated from old industrial buildings as well as very nice older homes within walking distance. Again, IMO, that is the area that is exploding right now and it's a really fun, more laid back crowd. Another plus to living in FTW is that you'll have access to much better riding spots much closer to where you live. Living in downtown Dallas and wanting to wakeboard ensures at least a 1hour+ drive for less than desirable conditions at best, but great lake party scenes. On the FTW side, there are perfect wakeboard conditions a half hour away, but no tie up scene.

Ultimately, it boils down to where you're going to be working. Too many pros and cons for all of it not knowing what your professional plans are. Like others have said, 500k will buy you a ton of pad here. Hell, that can buy you waterfront if you're patient.

hatepain 05-18-2012 10:19 AM

Here watch this http://www.bravotv.com/most-eligible-dallas it'll tell you everything you need to know.

calexan 05-18-2012 12:55 PM

Sounds like you need to take about a two week vacation and go explore all the different areas of Dallas

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