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eccpaint 05-15-2012 9:47 AM

Wake the World Kentucky
Wake the World Kentucky is in need of some boats. There are plenty of I/O's around, but our safety policy and insurance only allows for inboard/v drives or jet drives. If you are interested please email Brock at: brockhals@gmail.com

eccpaint 07-22-2012 8:52 AM

It was great to meet everyone. I had my daughter Julie and my friend Zack. We let Zack go on another boat. Brock used us as the extra boat so we had some girls in the morning until their boat was ready. We had one girl that was scared of the water, so we spent a lot of time swimming, just to get her used to being in the water with the life jacket. We were thrilled to have girls that were pumped up about wanting to wakeboard. When their boat showed up we gave him a couple of our girls that wanted to tube. We got the other 3 up and wakeboarding before lunch. At lunch, We traded off our girls and picked up Zack.

Zack is the youngest rider to ever win "Big Air" on a Hydrofoil. Lunchtime was a good time to let Zack put on a show.

Our next plan was to video and take pictures of everybody on the water. Our plans changed when one of the boats had a throttle cable break. For the rest of the afternoon we had 3 boys. We had one kid that really took to the kneeboard, the other two preferred the tube. At the end of the day we pulled 2 tubes, one kid on each tube plus me! It was funny because they were hanging on with both hands and I was bouncing from one tube to the other. I actually started in the middle with a grip on each tube.

All in all it was a great day. More importantly, we were able to share an experience that these kids they will have for a lifetime!

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