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shino 05-15-2012 3:30 AM

Which camera

I'm looking to buy a camera to film wakeboarding (no gopro). Something with a good quality and a big enough zoom to film at the cable.. My budget is 400-600 $ ... or a bit more if there's a real good opportunity.
Any idea ?

Thank you

BlitzedVLX 05-15-2012 10:31 AM

I have been using a Canon HG10 I got for a steal on ebay $150. Does 1080p and records to a 60gb hard drive.

TheHebrewHammer 05-15-2012 3:18 PM

Check the frame rate. Get a good frame rate or your slowmo stuff will look like ****.

BlitzedVLX 05-15-2012 3:29 PM

Here is a vid i filmed with the hg 10


stang_killa_ss 05-15-2012 3:40 PM


gotwake133 05-15-2012 6:42 PM

My canon T2i takes pretty awesome video. I usually shoot at 60fps and everything looks pretty good. You may be able to find one on ebay in your price range.

wakerpunk 05-16-2012 5:53 AM

Canon DSLR's shoot amazing video. Keep in mind these aren't run and gun rigs. There is no autofocus so you will have to have a good eye and pull focus yourself. Another thing to consider is there isn't a traditional eye piece so you would want to buy a viewfinder add on for the lcd screen which will cost extra. If you don't mind buying used I would highly recommend the canon hv30 or hv40 series. They are tape based but still hd and most computers don't have any trouble handling the HDV codec.

HighWater 05-16-2012 6:33 AM

Nikon P510. 42x optical zoom, largest zooms of super zoom cameras, to me it's pretty much a dslr without all the $$$ lenses. Does everything I need, and more. The zoom is unreal and usable at full zoom. Takes 1080p, 720p, etc.. video, and the quality of it is amazing.

rasorjb 05-22-2012 5:10 PM

Canon T2i with Magic Lantern Custom Firmware (google it)!

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