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lseghatch 05-14-2012 5:40 PM

Permacation Henshaw Edit

Really feeling this edit for some reason. Check it out.

TheHebrewHammer 05-14-2012 6:09 PM

This is dope! I've been feeling all the Permacation stuff. I'm usually bored by rail riding, but Henshaw really makes it look fun. His control is jaw dropping.

Bumpass1 05-14-2012 7:21 PM

There is another scorpion video that is going to hit permacation soon. It is Steel Lafferty vs Clayton Underwood.

juniorhawk 05-14-2012 8:24 PM


Great riding but...

...not to call the cast up for an encore of "why no vests", but good lord - these dudes - WHY NO HELMET? Riding without a vest is a bad idea but hitting objects in any boardsport without a helmet is showing terrible judgement.

The stuff they are doing is no joke on some of those sliders. Great, skilled riders many of whom have terrible judgement.

Personal choice, yes, Live Fee or Die Hard With a Vengeance, but it is still a bad idea.

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