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2004gravitygames 05-14-2012 1:15 PM

2007 24SSV Prop Help washy wake and very sluggish on hole shot .
I own a 2007 Supra 24SSV

it is kinda of sluggish when weighted down hard to get on plane and the wake
is alway washy on one side I have talked to wakeprops.com and this is what they said


You need to get the Acme 1433 on that boat. It will get you right out of the hole. The five blade would only be a good choice if you had the 8.1 liter motor. You have plenty of power. We just need to transfer it to the water.


does any one have any further feedback I would hate to spend $500 and it not work out
also if this helps I looked and my prop is a OJ with a 17 pitch seems like a huge difference
considering the acme is like 14.5 any thoughts would be appreciated !

lifetimewarranty 05-14-2012 2:31 PM

I think I would listen to them (ACME)

I also think ACME's are guaranteed so if you didn't like it, you could just send it back and try a different one. Props make SO much difference.

I think you will be surprised at the life it brings your boat.

tyler97217 05-15-2012 6:53 AM

What motor do you have?
How is your boat weighted? What bags do you have in your boat and where?
Have you ever burped your bags?
Have you calibrated your speedo?

I don't have enough information above to truly answer, but here are some common things to look for.
#1 - That boat likes weight up front. People tend to weight the back to heavy and that will lead to your exact issues. Slow out of the hole and steep wake that will crumble or wash.
#2 - Make sure you burp the air out of your bags regularly (especially your front bag). They will take on air from driving while trailered and while they still look full and feel full, but if you unscrew your top plug you will burp half of it out in air. Hence, you will be running too heavy in the back and will give you slower hole hole shot and the wake will be steeper and crumble easier.
#3 - Check your speedo by calibrating it with a handheld GPS. You can even use your smart phone nowadays for that. The speedo is often off and you are going much slower than you think. Try speeding up a bit too.
#4 - Depending on which side you are seeing more wash, then add more weight over there. Assuming it is on the port side, which is common, then move one of your passengers over there in slow increments and see if that helps. Also, speed up a bit as noted in #3.
#5 - Yes a prop will make a huge difference regardless and check with OJ and ACME and it will be worth the coin. I think the recommended prop from OJ is 14.25 x 14 or 14.5 x 14.25, but double check with them.

jonblarc7 05-15-2012 7:02 AM

I just bought a ACME 1847 for my 24v with the 325 in it. Had the curse prop which sound like what you have now, I couldn't get on plane with only 1900 pounds and 4 or 5 people and now I run 2900 and had 7 people in the boat last weekend with no problems. the more weight you run the faster you need to go, with as much weight as I'm runing you need to run a minium 23.

Houstonshark 05-15-2012 7:10 AM

I'd give Jim Thelen a call at Acme or shoot him an email: jthelen@acmemarine.com

I talked to him yesterday for awhile to help determine the best prop for my boat and use. He even emailed Daniel Watkins who runs a Tige RZR like mine to verify what prop they sent him and to see if he had any further input. Daniel emailed back late last night and Jim replied to me immediately. Excellent customer service and my prop hasn't even shipped yet!

2004gravitygames 05-15-2012 8:34 AM


I have the 340 ETX CAT i run stock ballast filled up till it is pissing out the sides I have
never burped the ballast tanks and i have never callibrated the speedo all of this makes
since I can't wait to go out and see if it makes a difference because I don't wanna buy a
prop if I don't have to !

tyler97217 05-15-2012 9:36 AM

That motor will pull the boat out of the hole, but I would still re-prop it. It will change everything.
Definitely burp your bag. It will still spit water when there is air in the bag. Fill your bag and as your front bag is 3/4 full go and unscrew the cap on the bag up at the front in the playpen area. Have a buddy push the air out of the bag from the front to the back. I would suspect that you will push a lot of air out and this will get you much more weight up front and will help you plane better. I would still get a new prop though. It will change everything.
Download a GPS ap on your smart phone and check your speed at wakeboard speeds and see if they are the same.....

loudontn 05-15-2012 1:04 PM

I think you'll notice a big difference when you burp your bow bag. I usually burp mine when the middle bow cushion starts to raise up but you can do it earlier if you're getting air in the back and front of the bag. The small dial to adjust your analog speedo is just above where your left leg is, near the key switch.

you_da_man 05-15-2012 1:11 PM

Matt, what speed are you riding at? That's a big boat and as others have said speed could be an issue as well cuz big boats do not normally put out clean wakes at slow to medium speeds...especially the 24 Supra as I've seen. Seems like one side has a little wash until the speed comes up some.

monroeyd 05-15-2012 1:44 PM

Our prop is the OJ 466. We put about 1800 lbs from the helm forward including the center sac and about 1000 - 1200 in the rear. If the platform is just under water port side and at water level starboard, the wake should be clean at 25ish mph (calibrated) and up to 82.5 feet back. No problem planing but we do have the 8.1 Liter. Only thing is you have to watch the bow. If the wake is still washy on one side, try adding more weight to the washy side. We have 750's in each rear compartment so it's easy to add weight. We put the plate all the way up. If you vent the bags, you won't have to worry about "burping" them. Spencer at Wakemakers can give you insight on this if interested. It's very simple and easy. Hope this helps, happy boating!

2004gravitygames 05-16-2012 6:10 AM

I talked to the guys at wakemakers I am gonna order the vent kit I think that I have enought helpful information like the vent kit
calibrate the speedo to see if I am actually going 23+ to see if I can clean the wake up and plane out faster since I am probably
only running 1/2 ballast up front due to the air coming in these are issues that I was not aware of I am not new to the game but
it goes to show you that you can always learn something new thanks to everyone who has responded with helpful info I am
gonna try it out hopefully this weekend !

tyler97217 05-16-2012 6:57 AM

Great. Anxious to hear if we resolve your issues. You will probably still find you want a new prop. You will find it is a "game changer" in terms of getting out of the hole.

loudontn 05-16-2012 7:47 AM

Solid use of "Game Changer"

tyler97217 05-16-2012 8:46 AM

Was wondering if anyone would pick up on that!!!!! I was going to explain it and thought it would be better for those that could appreciate it.

501s 05-16-2012 9:12 AM

Ya, I was impressed with your use of the newest "Buzz Word" in the industry too.

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