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GotWake 05-13-2012 6:36 PM

Smith Mountain Lake
There's a new long term campground setting up above the Halesford bridge. We have such a nice camper and never really camp because getting reservations is crazy now. So, I thought about setting it up there for a year just to try it out. I've only been on the lake once and that was 10 years ago. We stayed down near the Blackwater end which was awesome. Just a few questions. Can you board above the bridge? How long does it take to get down to the Blackwater branch? It looks like there are several fingers that may have some smooth water. But, I would hate having to go all the way down the lake just to get some good water.

wakeboardern1 05-13-2012 8:55 PM

Upper Roanoke (the branch you'll be on) can be awesome. Betty's and Becky's creek is also awesome. From the bridge to the Blackwater is about 40 minutes depending on how fast you go. I live on the Blackwater, so I'm biased toward it (I think it's the best), but those riding spots I just named are the favorites of other local riders.

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