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PatrickSA210 05-12-2012 10:22 AM

Best Raft up Pictures,
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Found a Couple from Last Year.

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Attachment 22235

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OnlyButter 05-13-2012 11:34 AM

Why the F does that d-bag in the 2nd picture have a wine glass...

05-13-2012 12:20 PM

^^ LOL! I thought the exact same thing!

markj 05-13-2012 1:20 PM

He's trying to find the classy ladies. Probably a good move...

moto817 05-13-2012 3:38 PM

Damn, went up after work yesterday and had 14 boats tied up on Lake Berryessa , ill hafta see if anyone got pics. Nobody probably wants to see though I don't think we had any "classy " ladies with us lol. Best tie up this early in the year for us for sure though.

alindquist 05-13-2012 4:00 PM

What's wrong with the wine glass? What do you drink champaign out of on the water?

JohnP 05-13-2012 5:06 PM


Originally Posted by alindquist (Post 1751595)
What's wrong with the wine glass? What do you drink champaign out of on the water?

The bottle?

markj 05-14-2012 1:10 AM

Stay classy San Diego.

loudontn 05-14-2012 4:57 AM

Knoxville PWT Stop 2011


chattwake 05-14-2012 5:29 AM

^^^^ Haha My friend Chris took that photo. I see Adam, Aslinger and myself standing on the back of my old A22.

chattwake 05-14-2012 5:35 AM

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I've posted these in some other threads, but there were some great tie ups at board bonanza every year.

bushtree 05-14-2012 8:32 AM

Lake Havasu


tyler97217 05-14-2012 8:50 AM

I can only send a few links cause the photographers site does not allow me to take the image.

bmxcinci1 05-14-2012 2:50 PM

Lake Cumberland Poker Run Weekend
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I think this was 2 years ago.. Lake Cumberland KY.. Poker Run.. We are in there somewhere...

Attachment 22297

brett564 05-14-2012 3:58 PM

Holy fxxxing OMG^^^^

whelchel86 05-14-2012 10:51 PM

Jeff's picture wins.

Unless..., where are the pasties? :D

Xtreme_Aviator 05-15-2012 4:45 AM

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Aquapalooza 2010 - Lake Travis Largest mosh pit I have seen

Attachment 22308

Attachment 22309

srock 05-15-2012 5:05 AM

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RedRum 05-15-2012 6:12 AM

I can only imagine the $hitshows that happen when there are that many groups of boats tied up together

tyler97217 05-15-2012 6:42 AM

Holy crap! Those are nuts!

newmy79 05-15-2012 8:41 AM

I wouldn't want to be anywhere near that. Too many people with boats and too much could go wrong. Maybe a quarter of that size.

03suprassv 05-15-2012 9:12 AM

Is that Silver Glen?

Texan 05-15-2012 9:19 AM

Ya aquapalooza was good times.

brett564 05-15-2012 10:11 AM

Not with my boat...

wakecumberland 05-15-2012 11:15 AM

Hey Jeff do you ride on Cumberland?

bmxcinci1 05-15-2012 3:30 PM

My buddy has a cabin down there so we go several times over the summer. Can't wait to get down there again..

bmxcinci1 05-15-2012 3:40 PM

world record raft up.. from 2010
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I think this is from 2010 when cumberland set a the guinness world record..:)

Attachment 22318

dougr 05-15-2012 4:59 PM

i cant even emagine how many hours it would take to tie up all those boats, then try and get out of that mess. crazy

srock 05-16-2012 8:25 AM

Yes an old aerial of Silver Glen.

Nothing from the the Columbus Day Regatta? In the old days that was an outrageous event...like a big live orgy and a lot of expensive fiberglass.

srock 05-16-2012 8:35 AM

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In Palm Beach Florida Peanut Island looks like this every weekend.

durty_curt 05-16-2012 9:16 AM

How many boats have to be anchored to hold the entire line in place?

phatboypimp 05-16-2012 9:49 AM

Someone must have a picture from Seafair in Seattle.....

sippi 05-16-2012 10:48 AM

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Kate Upton's "rafts" are 'up" .....

05-16-2012 11:03 AM


Originally Posted by sippi (Post 1752224)
Kate Upton's "rafts" are 'up" .....

Yes they are:)


sippi 05-16-2012 11:08 AM

haha i like that one

srock 05-16-2012 12:19 PM

The raft ups here are typically limited to 5 boats and for good reason. When the tide shifts and starts ripping or add a good strong breeze, rafts often loose their anchorage. I've seen some awful collisions of entire rafts into others. 30 to 50 foot boats piling up.... I like to be on the end with a fire drill/plan to get released or out of the way. I also take a note of the number of anchors upstream and on my raft.

05-16-2012 12:44 PM

Flugtag last year


alindquist 05-16-2012 2:39 PM

Billy Bowlegs in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. 1st Saturday in June Every year, hey that's like 2-1/2 week away... We are there somewhere
Crab Island, pretty much every single weekend when it gets warm...

mark197 05-16-2012 2:54 PM

Pretty much every weekend by us.

bmxcinci1 05-16-2012 3:13 PM

Once a year it can be fun.. but it is to crazy to do all the time.. Last year a huge storm rolled through and a bunch of boat were damaged..

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