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jward10 05-11-2012 8:34 PM

Fuel TV
Remember when Fuel TV had some pretty good shows on. I always looked forward to a new episode of Pull. There was also some good wake stuff on insane cinema and My first hand. Is there really that many people out there that want to watch MMA and crappy kung fu flicks 24/7? It's almost like when MTV stopped playing music videos. Really wish someone would start another extreme sports channel.

05-11-2012 8:38 PM

I feel the same way. Always looked forward to seeing PULL. Even if it was a rerun. I cant stand seeing MMA all the freaking time now.

seth 05-11-2012 9:27 PM

I cancelled the Fuel package. Fuel sucks now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

04outback 05-12-2012 4:56 AM

good idea... cancel fuel package.. havent watched in a year!

jaybee 05-12-2012 5:40 AM

Agreed. They should change their name to the MMA network.

jperkinsttu 05-12-2012 6:00 AM

Yeah the new president of Fuel is part of the Fox network and that why you see mma on fuel and fx now. It's taking over big time and it sucks. Just wasn't a big enough following for the action sports on tv. They don't even show that much skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing like they used to. I think I'll cancel my fuel package as well.

fgcuwake 05-12-2012 8:52 AM

ya they had a big article a while ago about the doosher (president of fuel) and how he had big changes for the network. It seems like they lost their core following of shred stick shredders and gained the following of affliction wearing poser fighters. Man I miss pull and first hand though!!!

ottog1979 05-12-2012 9:02 AM

I cancelled my Fuel package a couple weeks ago. Never watched it anymore.

SS_Hooke102 05-12-2012 9:03 AM

What a shame, it presented our sport in such a good light too.

Rob720 05-12-2012 9:21 AM

Yep sure does suck! even though they used to show tons of reruns at least it was action sports. It seems like it went from good shows, to stupid reality shows that at least still had some action sports personalities, to pretty much just fighting. That seems to be all people in my city care about anyhow... what a shame, think ill cancel my fuel package as well

gnarslayer 05-13-2012 5:47 AM

im gonna cancel today :/

TheHebrewHammer 05-13-2012 7:11 AM

MMA is awesome, but ya, this is really sad. It's the same way I felt when SPEED channel started showing NASCAR 24/7.

JordanV 05-17-2012 9:28 AM

As much as i love watching MMA its just on to much and it gets boring after seeing it so much.... i miss all the surfing, skating and wakeboarding shows it was just different

Michael 05-17-2012 9:56 AM

I canceled mine too.. they have way to many reruns. MX, and MMA shows... I starting to actually miss the surfing all day.

Chuch 05-17-2012 10:03 AM

Man, I've posted FB status updates about this 3 times or so now. SO PISSED at Fuel TV. Change the name to MMA TV but quit teasing us. EVERY NIGHT....MMA. How much can we take. Then they come out with a new show and put it on at 11pm. What a joke. I remember many a weekend and chill night where you could turn it on and watch some great shredding of some type. Damn the man (FOX).

BTW, I love when they post random FB updates and peoples comments are completely irrelevant just ripping thier choices.

juniorhawk 05-17-2012 11:42 AM

I feel like I should chime in here as their former wakeboarding editor.

They tried. At least online - they tried. You guys didn't come to their party. Just kidding.
I mean that wake traffic was always lowest, and this was the issue with viewership too.

Though they partnered with great folks like Alliance, Heavener, McKee, all have gotten work onto FUEL and made it better. While wakeboarding was part of their goals as a company, I think they killed it. Did awesome. Pushed me hard and we got shows like Pull. But in their eyes, nobody was watching and nobody was coming to the web site.

I won't name names but my boss was an absolute tyrant about site traffic. In the mean time, wakeboarding & wakeskating (because they wanted to cover both) were reduced to just "wake" in lowercase letters, last on the navigation bar.

Which was the biggest doorway to my section.

My section was great. I got to do features with heavyweights like Josh Letchworth, who I declared as the "Dean of Wakeboarding Photography". I wrote up a great feature with him and now it is reduced to this: http://fueltv.mo2do.net/s/5460/Results. And that is the case for my thing with Soderlind, a handful of pro's and boat company execs. The traffic wasn't there so they tried some dippydingle in Florida with apparent connections and he did ok for awhile and then they axed the section shortly thereafter. Him and me both.

I put so much work into that site. I am sad to see what they are doing too.

behindtheboat 05-18-2012 9:17 AM

NBC Sports/Versus seems to be the only one covering wake anymore

juniorhawk 05-22-2012 12:44 PM

Yup. Our sport goes up and down in terms of coverage on tv and at present it is down. We definitely had a high point with Pull. Great series. I don't really know what Fuel's plan is anymore. I know they must not care much about wake right now because it is buried on te web site.

norwalkbeast 05-23-2012 7:51 PM

I use to watch Fuel all the time and now its only surfing and MMA. It sucks!!

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