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wakereviews 05-11-2012 6:34 AM

Beach House Rental Suggestions
Figure with so many travelers on this site, it would be a good place to ask. Two couples with 4 total kids looking for a beach house to rent for Thanksgiving week. Prefer Jamaica, Bahamas, Mexico... Would love to do Costa Rica but it seems flight durations (travel and layover time) is too long to handle with small children. Anyone been/rented a place before that you'd recommend?

brett33 05-11-2012 7:55 AM

These are my family's homes in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Great beach community 20 miles south of Cancun and 30 miles north of Playa del Carmen. Amazing snorkeling and fishing!!

Casa del Sol:
VRBO- http://www.vrbo.com/345047
FB- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Casa-...63825447004357

Casa Margarita:
VRBO- http://www.vrbo.com/125509
FB- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Casa-...08022445907252

wakereviews 05-11-2012 8:36 AM

Casa Margarita looks pretty nice! I'll show it to the other couple. Any WW discount? haha

brett33 05-11-2012 8:40 AM

I'm sure we can work something out! Let me know if you guys are interested.

shawndoggy 05-11-2012 8:53 AM

My friends' parents' place in Roatan, Honduras...


When we went in 2009 there were direct flights to the island from Houston.

kids hated it


wakereviews 05-11-2012 9:15 AM

Looks nice, but we have 8 people in the group (and it's booked when we are going.. Nov 18 - 25th)

jaybee 05-11-2012 11:34 AM

When i went to Jamaica with my family a couple years ago they rented this sick estate. It was right on the water with a private beach.Only thing is there were 16 of us so i don't know if you would need a place so big. If you want me to look into getting you the info lemme know.

wakereviews 05-12-2012 9:00 AM

Brett, can't seem to send a PM to you today for some reason.... hit me up at ian at onlyinboards dot com. We are interested in your place. Wanted to get some more information from you. Can it be pre-stocked with groceries/booze? What kind of deal can you swing for me? Hit me up!

wakereviews 05-12-2012 2:34 PM

darn it, you are already booked.

brett33 05-13-2012 9:18 AM

Yeah, I saw that! Sorry Ian! If you're interested in another time just let me know!

tripsw 05-13-2012 5:24 PM

Hola Ian if you change your mind about Costa Rica let me know, would be happy to recommend some places and help you out. Been living in CR for over 6 years so should be able to help you out.

wakereviews 05-14-2012 7:39 AM

We just booked another place in Puerto Moralos. We wanted to get the cook service for some of the days. Brett, do you recommend anyone? Do you know what price is standard? The unit we booked is this one

They are saying the cook service is 250 bucks per day for 3 meals (not including food). Does that seem right? I thought it would be more along the lines of 50 - 60 per day. Any ideas?

brett33 05-14-2012 8:35 AM

Ian, congratulations! That's a beautiful place! I have never actually had cook service down there as we like to go into town, or cook ourselves, for our meals. However, $250 + food per day seems very high! Our property manager down there, Roberto, is a PM native. I will send him an email asking him if he can recommend some good in home cooks for you. I can also give you a list of our favorites places to eat in town if you'd like. From where you are staying, the town is a little bit too far to casually walk, but no problem at all on bicycle and normally a 20-22 pesos (~$2) cab ride.

wakereviews 05-14-2012 9:50 AM

yeah, any recommendations would be great. Also, the other couple is a little wary about the safety of the area. Any comments on that?

brett33 05-14-2012 10:27 AM

So for food in town:
Pelicanos- Beautiful spot right on the water on the square downtown. Excellent coconut shrimp!
Tacos.com- Hands down the best tacos you have ever eaten. Personal favorite, but no website lol
Las Palmeras- Great seafood, especially the Grouper.
Cantina Habanero- The Gringo bar/ restaurant. Great live music especially the band Vertigo (great classic rock cover band)
Pangea- On the square directly north of Pelicanos. Great place for a drink and to sit and watch the snorkel boats come in.
Al Chimichurri- Hands down the best place to go for a steak. People come from all over to eat here.

Keep in mind, Puerto Morelos is not your normal resort town. It's a small, quaint fishing community that has a very relaxed vibe. As far as safety, you will have zero problems. That is a common question our renters have and every time we hear back from them they are always sure to say safety was never an issue. The community is very small and locals are very appreciative to have the revenue from tourists, so everyone will be all smiles!

As far as activities, snorkeling, fishing, kite boarding, bike rides rentals, and authentic cooking schools are all in town. You'll find that just about everyone there can hook you up with someone or something you want to do. If you have small children, I would recommend checking out the Crococun Interactive Zoo. I went with my girlfriend a few months ago for the first time and we loved it! You get a guided tour of all the animals and get to choose to interact with whichever ones you like. You can feed the iguanas, monkeys, and deer by hand there, as well as have your picture made with talking parrots. Its a blast and a great way to spend 2 hours for $25 bucks!

wakereviews 05-14-2012 10:31 AM

Thanks Brett, that is what I am excited about with the town. Been to all the other Yucatan touristy places and i think this sounds great. If your contact down there comes up with anything for a cook, let me know.

brett33 05-14-2012 10:43 AM

Absolutely, I'll keep you posted! You might want to ask the property owners of the home you are renting if the beach is regularly cleaned for seaweed that far north of the town. I know the city cleans daily in front of ours. Also, there is a possibility that you are staying fairly close to a new "clothing optional" resort. :eek:

I'm assuming with a family that could be an issue. Just shoot the property owners an email and ask them about this. I believe Cieba Del Mar is the name of the resort that just recently changed its policies to clothing optional.

wakereviews 05-14-2012 11:27 AM

done, we are not that close to the resort that is clothing optional and the beaches are cleaned daily I was told. Very psyched!!!

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