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Tehanw215 05-09-2012 2:13 PM

surf board recommendation
last year was my first season surfing and have been using the hyper light broadcast. its either the 5' 3" or 5' 6". Started carving pretty good. looking to get new board and was looking at the inland surfer blue lake or red rocket. I am 6'6" 220 looking for versatile board. Are those a good choice? Any other recommendations?

Txjole 05-09-2012 2:16 PM

Phase 5 Model X

dennish 05-09-2012 9:54 PM

Walker Project 5.1 Bazooka

wakemitch 05-09-2012 10:24 PM

Phase 5 Trident (tri-fin skim)
Phase 5 Model X (hybrid)
Inland Surfer Swallow (surf)
Walker Project Bazooka 5.1 (surf)

I think these would be the top 4 boards for your situation without knowing your wake or riding abilities.

The Trident and the Bazooka will allow you to progress farther (than the other 2) without having to get a new board.
The Model X will be like a suped up version of the broadcast. Its stable, not quite skim/not quite surf, but it is much faster and more agile.

duffymahoney 05-10-2012 9:32 AM

Any chance you can demo? Where are you located?

tonyv420 05-10-2012 2:21 PM

Duffy come on down to Nor Cal next weekend for the West Coast Open, I'm sure Mitch will have a ton of boards out there for demo, plus a good line up of boats, its a fun event!

duffymahoney 05-10-2012 3:45 PM

I have too many boards as is:) I don't need anymore. I would love to come to the event though, but the busy season for work is upon me:(

wakemitch 05-10-2012 3:55 PM

We will have 40+ of the best boards on the market for demo. That doesnt even include the boards we have in stock for sale. The amount of inventory will blow surfers away.

Tehanw215 05-10-2012 9:12 PM

thanks everybody. im in norcal 5 hrs north of frisco

Tehanw215 05-10-2012 9:45 PM

Dennis, was considering driving to washington to the pro shop and having them install the custom 350 LB sac under the floor that runs from storage locker to wind shield in my 215 and was gonna have them run all plumbing to back lockers and run the 1100 lb sacs. All ran by switches on dash. What is your opinion on the sac under the floor and do you know of any shops in nor cal that will do the rest of the plumbing if i decided not to go with custom sac under floor?

dennish 05-10-2012 9:51 PM

The idea of the sac under the floor was very intriguing to me. Don't know of anyone else that does that sac. Grant at CMS in Suisun can handle the other setup. Was up at Wakemakers in Bend Or a few weeks ago putting in the system for the Tige Z3. They can sell you the setup and have wiring harness setup as well. You might talk to them about the sac under the floor. Only 6 hours to Bend. Jason is a great guy.

Tehanw215 05-14-2012 1:37 PM

thanks for the input. do you have a contact # for wakemakers? Tried the online # but didnt work. Did you ever end up puting the 1100 bag in your lockers? Trying to get away from the dam lead with the bag under floor and 1100 bag in locker.

deathcharge 05-22-2012 12:47 PM

2012 LF Custom wakesurf
If your interested im trying to get rid of a brand new 56" custom tc wake surf.. its brand new never been in the water. PM me for a killer price...

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