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wakesetter1989 05-09-2012 11:37 AM

Central California waterfront home
I'm looking at purchasing a lakefront home in central california. I know about Lake Tulloch and Discovery Bay. What other locations are available? Any opinions or advice? Thanks.

BCPMike0663 05-09-2012 11:58 AM

I don't know of any other places where can have your house right on the water. I have a home on tulloch. And eventhough it is small and a tubing lake it is like no other that I know of in the area where your house can be built right on the water. Also since it is a holding lake the water level stays constant all summer which is really nice. I have been to some other lakes where at the beginning of the summer your house might be near the water but by the end of the summer you got a mile walk to get to the water. Another option might be a really nice house boat.

jarrod 05-09-2012 11:59 AM

Tulloch is the only place that I can think of that has homes on the Lake. If you're hoping for nice smooth water on the weekends though, I would avoid Tulloch.

It's hard to beat Discovery Bay. Smooth water and plenty of cool places to tie up and enjoy food and drink.

wakesetter1989 05-09-2012 1:31 PM

Thanks for the replies and the info. Yeah we normally just rent on Tulloch and its nice for a Monday through Thursday, but weekends get crazy as we all know. Discovery Bay is a nice option too, but hard to find a decently sized and priced waterfront home, gotta keep your eyes open for those. Maybe houseboat on McClure or Pedro would be a good option. Thanks guys.

stephan 05-09-2012 1:33 PM

Lake Nacimiento offers some waterfront options. Basically you are limited to the Oak Shores development and there aren't a ton right on the water. As you can imagine those go for a little extra cheese. I've got a guy that specializes in the area if you want more info.

fullspeed 05-09-2012 4:27 PM

Bucks Lake, Naci, Bass, Lakes of the Pines, Lake Wildwood Combie Lake, Clear Lake, The Delta and Lake Tulloch. We have a home right on the water of Lake Tulloch. We looked at lakes of the Pines and they do not allow wakeboard boats and if I remember WIld Wood either. They lenght limit and the boat could not have a ballast system. Lame....Really small private lakes. Combie lake is also small and really only has a small amount of homes, but did look pretty nice for a small lake. Naci the homes are on the hill and it is a walk down to your dock. Plus the water level is a major issue. Sometimes it is a lke or one year it can be a stream. Bass lake is small crowded and full of speed boats and jet skis. Live music on Fridays is always fun, but a place to call home it is not. Bucks lake is way the hell up in the mountains and it is cold water and it is frozen over and unuseable in the winter. Not really an option for our family and too far of a drive for us. So Lake Tulloch was our choice. Lake Tulloch like Mike said is a tubing lake. It has a couple bars on the lake which is fun, lots of events at the resort which can be fun to watch from a distance.lol The homes are right on the water. The lake does get crowded and somewhat of a zoo at times. He like the lake on the week days for water fun, but on the weekend we like to sit on the deck and drink. lol Oh yea there is the Delta. Don't know much about the delta. Sorry.

fullspeed 05-09-2012 4:30 PM

Sorry for the grammer and mispelled words. I am at work and I am not suppose to be on the computer. I reread my reply and felt like a real idiot.

grant_west 05-09-2012 8:04 PM

If you own a home on the water, You will find plenty of butter don't worry about it. I think the beauty of having a house on the lake also gives you the ability to avoid the week end warriors.

BKinSoCal 05-10-2012 9:18 AM


Originally Posted by wakesetter1989 (Post 1750623)
I'm looking at purchasing a lakefront home in central california. I know about Lake Tulloch and Discovery Bay. What other locations are available? Any opinions or advice? Thanks.

Is this going to be your primary residence or a vacation home?

If it's your primary residence, you'll have weekday butter year-round.

If it's a vacation home, I don't know how often or for what durations you'll get to use it. But if it's like it is for a lot of people with vacation homes, it turns out to be used mostly on weekends which means dealing with the weekend crowds...unless you're on the Delta, which means you can always find good water somewhere.

grant_west 05-10-2012 10:22 AM

this thread has a pretty good list of California lakes that have homes on them. Bass lake is a Central California Lake I forgot about that has Homes on it as Well as Shaver.

shawndoggy 05-10-2012 1:16 PM

If I had the cheese and a houseboat were an option, a houseboat on bullards would be my choice every day of the week.

chadgreg 05-10-2012 2:21 PM

Bass Lake! I have a house there (not on the water) but only 100' to the water. There are plenty of homes on the water and they all should have a private dock. We are part of a community dock (32 slips). To get on the water you are looking at $1MM on up. Bass is an awesome place quiet in the winter and "resort" community in the winter. Everyone drives golf carts around and we have a few bars and a few restaurants. For me its only an hour from my house in Fresno so we get up there all the time.

ttrigo 05-10-2012 2:52 PM

Naci has several waterfront options, aside from Oak Shores. but those are all based on the water levels. fluctuating levels are a thing you need to deal with at most california lakes.

bftskir 05-10-2012 4:43 PM

for a million you can be on a private lake shared by only 4 other families---butter all the time.

cougarfan83 05-11-2012 8:43 PM

I second that! Bullard's is heaven!

Kingsriver 05-12-2012 4:18 PM

Shaver lake if you want a great year round location. Houseboats on PineFlat is very popular. There are houses on the kings river as well.

logan 05-12-2012 6:18 PM

Houseboat on bullards is the best idea anybody has had so far.

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