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jonyb 05-08-2012 8:04 PM

Centurion Enzo - LED's and Shadow Casters
I've had this boat several times over the past few years. It started with a little bit of lighting, and a minor stereo. Now it's had the stereo upgraded, lighting upgraded, and the ballast upgraded. Here are some specs of what it has now:

2007 Centurion Enzo with 2011 model Gladiator tower

Alpine CDA-9886M with helm and transom remotes
(2) Wet Sounds Syn4 amps
(1) Wet Sounds Syn1 amp
(8) SS-65 in-boat speakers
(4) Pro80's
(1) 12" XXX sub under the helm ported
Stinger SPP2250 battery
Stinger SPP925 battery
Perko Switch


(14) Custom made 1/2" acrylic cupholder LED rings
1/2" acrylic and LED's under Pro80 grills
1/2" acrylic under billet stereo enclosure
(3) Shadow Caster blue transom LED's ($600 each)
(3) Shadow Caster RGB transom LED's ($1000 each)
18" red LED sticks under each console
1/4" acrylic foot-print for amps edge-lit with LED's

(1) 1500# Enzo sac starboard
(1) 1500# Enzo sac port side
(1) 500# bow sac
Fly-High 3-way manifold (to fill external sacs)
(4) Jabsco ballast pumps (2 fill port side Enzo sac, 1 fills starboard sac, 1 fills bow or selected external bag through manifold)
(4) 1" thru-hull intakes and 1" ball valves (1 for each pump)

Fulton F2 twin-wheel jack
Fulton F2 winch


h20king 05-09-2012 5:55 AM

Love it my centurion has morphed several times as well and is not the same boat it started as

brett33 05-09-2012 6:21 AM

super sick. great pics as well. let me get this right you have 6 SC's back there? :eek: daaaaamn

LKASurfing 05-09-2012 7:05 AM

Looks so cool!!! Now let's see the wake!

jonyb 05-09-2012 8:24 AM

Yep, 6 Shadow Casters. I installed 3 blue ones last year - he wanted red, but they weren't available then. A few weeks ago I got word that SC had released the RGB's, so I called the customer and let him know. 3 of these showed up at my door the next week. SC told him that the housings would be ruined if we removed the old ones, since they were glued on, so we found a place to add 3. The RGB's do a few different flash patterns but aren't nearly as bright as the blue ones.

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