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stang_killa_ss 05-07-2012 1:59 PM

cheap 1" hose (non kink)
i need to replace the hose on my tsunami 1200. its just got clear tubing from the hardware store. its got permanent kinks in it that just kill the flow. i use it for my external surf sack to lay on the seats.

im looking for some better hose to upgrade. but dont want to pay top dollar for the black wakemakers stuff.
i used to have a link to some cheap heavy duty hose that had some re-enforcements in it, but lost it:banghead:

any links?

getssum 05-07-2012 2:29 PM

Check out West Marine, Home Depot, Lowes, etc see what they've got....

In my experience I ended up liking the wakemakers stuff better than what they had at the stores, and price wasn't that much more expensive...

talltigeguy 05-07-2012 3:11 PM

I found some heavy duty 1" white spa hose at my local Lowe's that is perfect for the portable Tsunami. It is quite stiff, and won't kink. It does not roll up as easy, but easy enough to stuff in the small bow compartments of my boat. Being stiff actually makes it easier for the throw over the side Tsunami pump, seems to stop it from flopping around as easily. And I made it 1 foot longer, which made it just a little easier for the hard to reach sack placement.

monroeyd 05-07-2012 4:13 PM

Have you checked this out?

nitrousbird 05-07-2012 5:31 PM

I was going to go the Lowes route to save money when I did my plumbed ballast project. I came to discover they really were not any cheaper...but the product sure was a lesser quality. That hose is quality stuff...I have the clear/black plumbed throughout our Malibu.

you_da_man 05-07-2012 5:45 PM

Cory, it's $1.99 ft at Wakemakers for the 1" (all you need is maybe 7-8 feet) or the 3/4" for 10ft at Home depot was $16.64 so I would assume the 1" at Home Depot will be a couple dollars more AND will kink...it's not that rigid of a hose.

nailem 05-07-2012 7:17 PM

$1.69 I think for 1 1/8. I used this and it is a good fit on 1inch fittings. It was a little loose on the jobsco pump but I heated it up and cranked down on the hose clamp. This will save a few pennies. Can't see how it can get much cheaper

stang_killa_ss 05-08-2012 7:23 AM

wakemakers it is. i actually never looked assuming pricing was inflated.

stang_killa_ss 05-08-2012 1:13 PM

$31 shipped for 10 feet using there cheapest $6 shipping.
not exactly cheap but its done.

getssum 05-08-2012 3:39 PM

You'll like the product, sometimes it's better to buy once, cry once!

I can't get over how much Fly High makes on their 99$ ballast pumps! Same pump from wakemakers is 40$, and 12.50$ in fittings and the cheaper black hose wakemakers sells is a much better deal!

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