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johnny_defacto 05-06-2012 9:09 PM

2012 LF harley HANDLE
Recently purchased and rode with the Liquid Force Harley handle. It was excellent. I really like grips that are shaped, not round, like pentagon or with ridges on them, so I found myself going towards pralines for the last 4 or 5 handles... they only last a season or so then start peeling.

A friend loaned me last years team handle (which is almost exactly the same as this years harley except slightly bigger diameter grip) and I really like it, but the grip was a little big. Based off that experience I bought the harley and rode with it last set.

It is super light, does not retain water like some handles do, and is nice and grippy when wet, plus it has a couple ridges and angles to the grip which I love.

It's hard to "demo" handles before you buy unless you have a bunch of friends who all have different handles that you can borrow, so if you are in the market, i recommend this handle.

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