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brett564 05-06-2012 8:44 PM

Malibu carpet savers...
I'm about to buy one of the carpet savers for my 08 LSV but most places I've looked at all have a disclaimer regarding how Malibu's have slight variations in their floor dimensions due to them being "Hand built," and because of this the carpet saver companies are not responsible for their carpets not being perfect fits.

Has anyone had any experience in this? Are these variances real in the same year same model boat?


mhunter 05-07-2012 4:37 AM

Seems kinda strange that there would be any noticeable variations between boats. Don't they come out of the same mold? Can you measure the floor on your boat and send the dimensions in with the order?

polarbill 05-07-2012 8:11 AM

Because they have screwed in/pieced together seat bases I could see this happening although I can't imagine there is much variation. Remember, Malibu doesn't have a full mold drop in liner. At least not in 08. I think the MKZ might have a full liner though.

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