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sambo13 05-05-2012 6:59 PM

Fixing Board Damage
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Hey guys,

I took a fall off a homemade rail a few days ago. Somehow I walked out of the water with less board than I walked in with. I'm missing a chunk of one of my molded-in fins that's about 2 inches long, as you can see in the pictures. I'm definitely wanting to fix this myself, but I'm not sure what the best way to go about doing it is. I've seen some other threads where JB Weld was mentioned - does anyone have any experience with this, or would you recommend something else? What about shaping, sanding, etc.?

k9fxr 05-06-2012 9:27 AM

I've used a product from a boat store called Marine-Tex, "handles like putty, hardens like steel, sands like wood" is their slogan. Then used Sharpies the color i needed to get it close. I rebuild the nose of an LF Fish that the handle went through.

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