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Drew 05-04-2012 9:15 PM

Im looking for a ride anywhere near sacramento
I am located in sacramento but willing to drive anywhere with in an hour or so. Got gas money, know how to drive a boat and trailer, and i help clean when done. Just really want to ride. Hit me up Thanks guys
Drew Glickman

blastmaster 05-07-2012 8:42 AM

I'll hit you up pretty soon here. Havent uncovered boat yet from winter storage, but this weeks weatehr will surely put that on my radar. Now that my son has left for the Navy I need to bolster my crew with some new players... I usually ride Garcia Bend weekday evenings or dawn patrol on weekends for a few hours.


calibrina 05-11-2012 1:02 PM

I can't seem to get any of my friends to go out on my boat, like for instance today I am all ready to go out on the lake but two friends flaked

Drew 05-11-2012 7:39 PM

Rick and Cali i am definitely down to ride any time! i have one more week of school at sac state then its summer so any time let me know!!

wksk8r 05-29-2012 7:29 AM

Drew and Cali... where are you guys riding? I'm trying to get some more people in our crews.

chambeda 05-29-2012 12:27 PM

Hey I'm in the same boat as Drew (or wish I was on a boat like Drew lol)....I have gas money and would love to get some riding in or near Sac!!

pipeboarder 05-29-2012 2:06 PM

ditto to the rest of ya. th normal crews havent been ridin this year and im really dyin to get out there. sac/folsom is about as far as ill go comin from SJ, but ill do it cuz its worth it. can only ride weekends though.

good for gas and cleanup. can drive the boat but it has been a little while.

714 420 4397


calibrina 06-01-2012 2:56 PM

I am ready to go

blastmaster 06-01-2012 4:16 PM

Getting my boat out this weekend. Wife is doing the Walk for the Cure Sunday morning and I am thinking of riding @ Garcia Bend. I will send out text Saturday evening when I am sure boat and I are good to go.

pipeboarder 06-01-2012 10:41 PM

im in if there is room and i can be off the water by 3. (hockey game) if that means i miss cleanup im willing to pitch in extra cash to make up.

HotBoarder10121 06-02-2012 9:17 PM

i got the boat just need the people, my friends be flaking out alot and nee those die hard riders/drivers ill txt a few of tonight im going out on sunday. to vieras resort in rio vista. heres my number call or txt
89' malibu sunsetter w/tower
plenty of sac's

pipeboarder 06-04-2012 1:12 AM

was a total blast man. thanks again and lookin forward to next time.


wksk8r 06-05-2012 5:30 PM

I hope to get out a few mornings on Folsom here soon... if interested in a dawn patrol just PM me here and I will get back

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