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logan 05-04-2012 8:10 AM

Carbon handles
Des anybody still use carbon handles? Local shop has a good deal on a helium and I think I might snatch it up. Just want to make sure they aren't junk.

wakesetter_WW 05-04-2012 8:57 AM

I bought an accurate handle two years ago. It literally ripped in half after a 360. I have pictures but not sure if I can locate them or not. New computer

irishrider92 05-05-2012 3:44 AM

I had one of those hyperlite carbon handles with the really small hole in the triangle. This grip just completely fell apart on it. Got a Ronix North and have been using that for years. Replaced it recently and it broke so we're back on the North

hawkeye7708 05-05-2012 7:04 AM

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I have one of those straight-line ones that Shapiro used to use all the time. As it seems with most people, the components ended up falling apart- grip, paint. Not a bad handle as far as the structure goes, just seems like the the grips and paint fall short a bit.

SO- I made a little project out of it, re wrapped the grip and painted it. Turned out pretty well actually! I've got bigger hands, so having a larger diameter grip is actually pretty nice. Thing is still holding up well!

andy_nintzel 05-05-2012 9:38 PM

I haven't used a carbon handle in a like 5 years i bet. I personally think its easier to "pop" the handle using a Carbon than a rope handle. They are kinda uncomforable to wrap up as well.

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