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lfadam 05-03-2012 7:37 AM

Drain plug standard sizing?
Are inboard rear drain plugs standardized? It appears some fisherman down at the marina stole ours. Im hoping I can find one at a Marina or Lowes since Im about to go out to the lake.


rallyart 05-03-2012 8:18 AM

Mine is the same as my 1980 boat was and I could get it anywhere.

Sethjoe 05-03-2012 8:21 AM

1/2" is the standard drain plug size.

tyler97217 05-03-2012 8:46 AM

I think there are two sizes. I know I have had boats that the standard plug does not fit. I want to say that MC or Malibu use something different, but I might be wrong on that so don't quote me. I would call your dealer.

wdr 05-03-2012 8:58 AM

My '06 Moomba and my '10 Malibu LSV both had/have stamped "1/2" NPT plugs. I have mine permanently attached now. I drilled a hole in the plug, soldered in a 6" piece of coated solid copper electrical wire and soldered on an eye ring onto the other end. I put it through the hull and secure it with a key ring loop into the eye ring to keep the "honest people honest". Pull it out and it hangs w/o any flopping around or banging on the hull.

shawndoggy 05-03-2012 9:17 AM

MB uses a bigger plug. 3/4"?

lfadam 05-03-2012 2:53 PM

Turns out it was indeed the 1/2 inch. Thanks

baitkiller 05-03-2012 3:54 PM

How do you know it was a fisherman?
More obvious follow-up rhetorical questions held.

Glad you have a drain plug now.

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