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brazosfreak05 05-03-2012 7:49 AM

Truck Stereos
So i have an 06 F250 crew cab and i was just wondering what others have done to their trucks as far as stereo systems go. I want something good but i want the functunality of my truck to stay the same. I dont want to pull seats out to throw in custom boxes.

Lets see some pics and thoughts of your stereos that you have in your trucks.

Right now i have two bazooka tubes behind the rear seat. It was that way when i bought it. It is actually better thatn i thought it would be but i want better. lol

bendow 05-03-2012 1:16 PM

If you want good sound and output at reasonable price check out the Sundown SD-2 10's and the new Precision Power phantom amps. The SD-2 10 will fit under your seat in a ported box and the PPI amps are tiny. The PPI P900.4 is a full range class D amp (9.5"L x 6.5"W, x 2"h). I just replaced my name brand marine audio 800w amp on my boat with the P900.4. It's a 3rd of the size, sounds just as good if not better, puts out more power, and doesn't overheat ($200). The P1000.1 (also $200) would pair nicely with the SD-2 10.($150). Google them and check out the vids and reviews.

bmock50 05-03-2012 3:10 PM

Just do a blowthrough. Permanantly mount a toolbox in the bed of your truck, do something like 4 10's, mount the amps and batts in the toolbox as well.

stanfield 05-03-2012 4:39 PM

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I don't have a 250, but rather a F150 crew. I did 2 kicker CompVR 10's down facing in a sealed enclosure under the back seat. I mounted the amps to the back of the cab behind the back rest of the back seats. Like you, I wanted to keep as much functionality of the back seats as possible. The two things I lost were a couple inches of foot room in the back and the ability to "lift" the back seat up. To remove the box/subs, I have to take the back seat apart. I also have to take apart the back seats if I need to get to my amps for any reason. Neither of those have been a concern since I did the system 2 years ago. The foot room would be the biggest concern, but I don't think I've ever even had more than 2 in my truck at a time regardless, so it's not an issue for me.

Two things I did on this install that I've never done on any previous vehicle or boat, was use kicker subs/amps and dynamat the whole cab of the truck. I went with kicker stuff just to see what it was about as I've done just about every other brand out there. I noticed from this board that more and more are using it and praising it so I thought I'd give it a try. I must say, for the price, I'm pleasantly surprised. I don't know if their stuff is really that good or it's the fact that this is the first vehicle that I've dynamat'ed. Having to pull the entire interior out of the truck was a pain and made for the most labor intensive install I've done, but it is WAY worth it. I did all of the surfaces since it was a truck cab, floor, doors, roof, rear, etc...It really makes the system pound and a pleasant side effect is that it eliminates all outside noise going down the road as well. My truck didn't have much road noise to begin with, but now it's like a damn hyperbaric chamber in there. With the system just absolutely pounding, you can stand next to the truck and barely hear/feel anything. That is ultimately what I was going for by trying the dynamat because as I get older, the more I hate hearing other peoples music. Now at stop lights, I know people aren't cursing me.

05-05-2012 3:13 PM

check out diyma.com.

jetskiprosx 05-06-2012 5:26 PM

I put an 8" shallow mount sub in a sealed box under the rear seat in my truck. It sounds good and added some much needed bass, but it's not overwhelming unless is a rap song with lots of bass. Lots of companies make vehicle specific boxes that can hold 2 12's or 2 10's or you can make your own box real easily.

gunz 05-06-2012 9:30 PM

I have an F250 Crew Cab,and did basically what stanfield did.Sub box under the back seat with 2 kickers facing down.I amp behind the back rest,the other under the passenger seat,and it sounds killer.:D

magic 05-06-2012 10:49 PM

I had a Dodge quad cab and did one these boxes: http://proboxrocks.com/products/high...00/index.shtml

Box did indeed rock, sounded really good, played loud and deep, and was stealth.

Seats down

Seats up, that's a pair of S5 8" subs would have been 2004'ish

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