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Losmarios 05-02-2012 3:36 PM

Which amp to power 4 Exile SXT65Q?
Thinking about one of these two Alpine PDX-F6 or JL Audio MHD600, but interested in more options.

david_e_m 05-02-2012 4:34 PM

Both of those amplifiers would get the job done very well. And, both deliver high Class D efficiency. Don't overlook the fullrange JL Audio HD750/1 as it has more power for less cost than the HD600/4 and will work fine for a tower speaker application. The Wetsounds Syn2 and Exile Harpoon are both in the same power category. If I did run a 4-channel amplifier to the tower then I would series the speakers up top and bridge the amplifier into two channels. The power would be the same in the case of the two above 4-channel options but would keep you limited to four total conductors up the tower.

Earmark Marine

brianinpdx 05-02-2012 5:07 PM

Mario - I'd run the 2 channel Exile Harpoon on the 4 SXT65Q's. I prefer 2 channel amplifiers for this load versus a 4 channel. Running an Exile amplifier also doubles your warranty to 2 years on the Tower speakers. If cost is a concern...I'd ping our website and try to hunt down a demo Harpoon in the deals section. They are on there from time to time. The harpoon will make your speakers sound fantastic and supply them tons of power. It's a better choice on Exile tower speakers. We make 4 ch models as well, but not the best choice.

If your installing this new tower system, you might also look into a preamp music zone controller. It's important to be able to chop the tower off when you drop a rider. Give the office a call at 888-248-0970 and we'll run you through a few options.

Exile Audio

david_e_m 05-02-2012 6:00 PM

It is true that a two channel amplifier would normally perform better (more power for the dollar) than a four channel amplifier when using four 4-ohm tower speakers. However, the two 4-channel amplifiers mentioned above by the OP are unique in that both will deliver the identical power whether bridged into 4-ohms, bridged into 8-ohms, run stereo into 4-ohms or run stereo into 2-ohms. So there is no real disadvantage in this case specifically with these two 4-channel amplifiers.

Earmark Marine

apwrx 05-02-2012 6:23 PM

Exile does have a Harpoon demo on their site along with a few other things, good prices and a warranty. http://exileaudio.com/store/index.php/hot-deals.html

bendow 05-02-2012 8:28 PM


Originally Posted by david_e_m (Post 1749021)
So there is no real disadvantage in this case specifically with these two 4-channel amplifiers.

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Does the JL or Alpine double the warranty?

tyler97217 05-02-2012 9:05 PM

So do you already have the Alpine and JL at home and paid for? If not, why wouldn't you go with all matching gear and you know the Harpoon will run them awesome. I am not an audiophile like some of the guys on this thread, but I ran this set up last year and it rocked. I got the same setup this year and will be installing it this weekend.
If you already have the JL or Alpine at home just from an old stereo, then I might agree with you and mix and match, but I just think a system is so much nicer and cleaner with matching parts and heck you know that amp will rock it. Tons of guys are running it without anything but positive feedback..... The extra warranty is a plus as well.

david_e_m 05-03-2012 7:45 AM


Originally Posted by bendow (Post 1749050)
Does the JL or Alpine double the warranty?

Actually, the JL Audio amplifier goes from one year to two years if installed by an authorized dealer and three years warranty if accompanied by a JL Audio battery kit.

No doubt the Harpoon is a good choice for this application and that is why I mentioned it.

Earmark Marine

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