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wakescene 05-01-2012 3:15 PM

Wakesurfer Suggestions...
Hi all,

This past winter I suffered from a C5-C6 disc herniation. Because of this, I am limited to ONLY wakesurfing this summer. So I would like to get another board.

We have been wakesurfing for a number of years now on a CWB Tsunami. I like the board and we have a ton of fun with it, but want to do more. We would like to get more into spin tricks and freestyle type riding.

Can anyone suggest a board that would be a little faster, and more freestyle then the Tsunami.


surfdoggy 05-02-2012 5:37 AM

Our crew has about 7 boards we ride regularly. One of the overall favorites is the Phase 5 Drew Daniello. It is a skim board so it spins easily, it works well on all sizes of waves, it is remarkably fast compared to the other boards we ride, it doesn't have a tendency to pearl, and you can really edge it. I think that their posted weight ranges for boards are a little higher than they should be. If your average rider is over 180, I would consider the Phase 5 Diamond instead - same type performance, but works better for larger riders.

wakescene 05-02-2012 9:06 AM

Rob, thanks for the suggestions. From the looks of the Phase5 boards, it's definately in the direction I am looking for. I guess price is ok, you will pay for a good board, something I am not afraid of.

wakescene 05-02-2012 9:08 AM

One more question.
Do you (or your crew) find any benefits on a single fin versus a triple-fin setup? We would have all skill ranges trying this and good tracking is needed for the lessor experienced. Although they would prbably be riding the Tsunami to start.


cwb4me 05-03-2012 5:31 PM

I have the Phase 5 Carbon X Hybrid.I love it , fast and secure with the three fins.You can remove 2 and spin easily. I believe it's rated to 250lbs. I previously rode a Broadcast and it seems like a dinasour compared to the Phase 5.

sd_wakesports 05-04-2012 7:28 AM

Jeff over @ Soulcraft Boarding makes some best Wakesurfers in the industry right now.
Check him out @ soulcraftboarding.com and on the forums here on WW.

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