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Thunderman 04-30-2012 4:06 PM

Good rope for wakesurfing?
Need to get one, any reccomendations?

tonyv420 04-30-2012 4:28 PM

inland Surfer make a nice one

duramat 04-30-2012 10:33 PM

Straigtline http://www.slsports.com/img/wake/big...xe-knotted.jpg

I use the T-handle or Knotted rope (prefer knotted). Absolutely no chance of getting an arm/leg/hand thru a handle. I cringe when I see others using old wakeboard handles with rope for surfin...Your taking a Huge chance in my book. Not worth chancing IMO. Accidents can and do happen, Im not willing to chance ripping someones arm/hand/leg/foot completely off or mangling someone cause it got stuck through the handle.

friendly reminder:

Dont coil it either when your choking up on it to get closer in the pocket. Your creating a loop de loop to put your hand/arm/let if and when you crash. (And all newbies are gonna do it...crash)

surfdoggy 05-01-2012 6:33 AM

I like the surf ropes with the T handle and large knots too. Got ths one instead for Christmas http://http://www.amazon.com/Straigh...9&sr=8-2-fkmr0,. Used it twice, and don't really like it as well. If this is the style you want, PM me and I will make you a deal.

surfdoggy 05-01-2012 6:53 AM

Sorry, couldn't get the link to post correctly. http://www.amazon.com/Straight-Line-...9&sr=8-2-fkmr0

maineboarder 05-01-2012 9:45 AM

Agreed - stay away from a line with a open handle. When my friends and I started wakesurfing, one of my buddies fell and his forearm temporarily got caught. Big bruise. Went out and got knotted rope and T handle. I like the T better, some the knotted. IMO the knotted is harder to hold onto when your being pulled up.

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