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mnwakerider 04-30-2012 3:33 PM

Help Needed: 03 SAN upgrade to Ballast Pupies
Hey Guys hoping you can help me out as I am out of ideas/knowledge at this point.

I am upgrading the aerator pumps to Jabsco ballast puppies. I have these schematics from Nautique on how to wire the system via relays. Here is my problem: on only the starboard fill when I hook up the leads from the PME box I always blows the 30 AMP inline fuse. It blows before I hit the switch on the keypad. It actually blows when I connect the battery. Trying to isolate the issue I added the power from the batter, the ground, the lead to the pump, positive from PME (white/yellow) and then when I added the negative lead from the PME and only then it blows the fuse. The oddest thing is it only happens with Starboard fill. Everything else works perfectly (port and belly fill and drain). I have tried everything I can logically think of, but I am not an electrician.

Any help or ideas? I finally have the boat with easy access so I can get to it daily to try other things.

I posted this on PlanetNautique.com but know there are some electrical gurus here.


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