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wakerider111 04-30-2012 1:10 PM

Board Size (by height)
Where in relation to ones body should a board touch when standing on end
Where in relation to your body does your board stand? Me, I am 6ft 160lbs and my board stands to my arm pit.

Of course style and personal preference to board sizes will always be the number one factor... for those with experience on multiple boards of course and know what they are doing.

I was recalling a pretty good article about board size from the humanoid website and decided to start this thread. the article never really specified what size of board to get when going by rider height other than to get the next size up... which actually is a pretty good general answer to fit all boards and brands.

here is an excerpt from it on the main points
"""...The reason height is important is strictly based on stability reasons. Let me explain. If you find your recommended board according to your weight, but you are unusually tall for your weight, then your height outweighs your weight and bumps you up a board size...

...If you are shorter than average in respect to your recommended weight, your weight reins supreme and you should go with the board size that is spec’ed out on the chart because you need that increased size and surface area to float you...

...This is a factor related to choosing a board suited for your body type, not necessarily your riding style. We’ll dive into riding styles next time. Happy board hunting!"""

TheHebrewHammer 04-30-2012 1:31 PM

In wakeboarding, board size is tied to weight. I've never seen any arguments about height. Very interesting. I have recommended bigger boards for tall people in the past, but only because I thought they might like a wider stance option. I never thought about stability.

hyperlite_boards 04-30-2012 3:38 PM

I ride my Marek 141, I am 6'5 220 lbs. I got a deal on the board when it came out and it kind of grew on me. I demoed boards every summer until my local shop closed down but nothing felt as good. I still say it all comes down to rider preference, but when you get technical it does make sense. All of this being said i may bite the bullet this year and get a Time Bomb or Marek in a 146.

benjaminp 04-30-2012 6:16 PM


Originally Posted by TheHebrewHammer (Post 1748356)
In wakeboarding, board size is tied to weight.

This. I'm 6'1" and I ride a 139. My dad is 5'10" and rides a 142. He weighs more than I do, so he likes the bigger board (although I always have fun on it too).

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