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nailem 04-30-2012 12:47 PM

upgrading my system and need some advice
currently i have 6 km6000 in boat all wire from the head unit. 4 are wired in series.
i would like to add a skm10 sub box and need some advice on what amp to use.
6 km6000 150w max 50w rms
skm10 300w max 150w rms
the amps i was looking at are:
4ch at 85w rms not sure on max
sub 210w rms not sure of max
4ch at 40w rms 75w max
sub 150w rms 300w max

it has been a long time since i have done any stereo stuff but it seems like i would have to have the dx600.5 turn all the way up to drive the sub?????
would the zx700.5 be safe to run if i keep the gains turned way down on everything???
thanks in advance

chpthril 04-30-2012 7:37 PM

The 6 KM6000 and SKM-10 will run fine paired with either of those amps. The ZXM700.5 is ideal for those speakers and the SKM-10. Tuned and set correctly, you will not be overpowering your speakers or sub. Pick one and rock on!

xstarrider 04-30-2012 8:05 PM

Yea u don't have to worry. I say get the/700 5 and enjoy the single amp soulution. You wont even come close to harming anything as long as u tune it properly. Even with gains maxed.

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