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smokedog2 04-29-2012 10:36 AM

Does anyone know anything about hearing aids?
The medication Iíve had to take has eaten up my hearing. Apparently any design will work but unless I hear differently I suspect none can be worn while riding. I donít think I want the totally invisible. I suspect they would be very difficult to readily remove and the batteries would be too small. Iím not sure if I want In-The-Ear (ITE) , In-The-Canal (ITC) or Behind-The-Ear (BTE). BTE apparently avoids the stopped up feeling of the other two. Anyone out there with some real life experience? Iím not looking forward to this but Iím also sick to death of saying ďwhat, what, I canít hear you.Ē Iím going in Tuesday to pick one and get fitted.



wakecumberlandky 04-29-2012 10:46 AM

Hearing Aids
My wife is going to school for this and this is what she says:

Hearing aids are NOT waterproof. They are like any other electronic... not meant for water or excessive sweat. There is a company called Phonak that has a new brand of BTEs that are very water resistant but she doesn't suggest wearing them wakeboarding... they sink. BTEs would be the best option because if you have any hearing left, they let you use that hearing and only amplify what is necessary. You need to go to an audiologist (NOT a hearing instrument technician... someone with Au.D. behind their name) and have them test your hearing. They will be able to tell you what aid and style would be best depending on the loss you have! Also, if you know it is from a medication ask your doctor if there is another medication that would treat the same thing but have less influence on your hearing (this obviously depends on what you are taking it for, but it doesn't hurt to ask). When you get your hearing tested tell the audiologist what you are taking... we are trained to know certain medications side effects and may be able to give you more information! Everyone has different needs or wants with hearing aids so it is best you go talk to someone rather than rely on someone's opinion because you may not get the same benefit as they do from one style or another (if that makes sense).

Any other questions.. ask her! She will do her best to answer or look something up!!!

Hope this helps!

smokedog2 04-29-2012 6:40 PM

Thanks. Vanity was moving me to those aids smaller than BTE but I may yet go that way. The meds are done. It was the hearing or my life kind of call. I'm seeing an ENT doc. I,m pretty sure they know the drill.

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