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baitkiller 04-29-2012 9:49 AM

rainy day
Its raining. I just made to the dock yesterday after an offshore grouper trip and it started pouring. It hasn't stopped since. The radar is one giant blue green blob. Oh well, I have paperwork to do. No shred for me today,
Good news is we had a great day fishing. Four big grouper, couple dozen nice yellow tail, one cobia and just missed one permit, left the dock at 0700, ran 40 off, home and cleaned up, filleted bagged and tagged with a cold beer by 3pm.

Beat he crap out of my clients guest with a little 200lbs Goliath (boated that one for pictures) and about an 8' Nurse shark I released boat side.
I think we are going again Wednesday if the weather permits.

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