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schuey 04-28-2012 3:40 AM

2006 Malibu LXI with wedge for wakeboarding?
Have made a few posts recently about boats to get the best of both worlds, some of the ski forums have reccomended an LXI with a wedge from the 05-06 era. Not the sunsetter V drive, its the response direct drive. It has no built in ballast. If you weight these well with the wedge down, is the wakeboard wake any good? I know that ski forums are going to be biased towards ski wakes and wakeboard forums the other way, so I thought it'd be best to see what wakeboarders had to say about this boat?


rallyart 04-28-2012 12:02 PM

The LXi is a good ski boat and can produce a very good wake for boarding. The wedge just makes it easier but you will also want some weight. The wedge puts the stern down and, when used, normally likes a more front weight. You have part of that with the engine forward. You have the entire rear seating area to add people or weight so you can easily get as much weight there as the engine would be on a v-drive.
To ski well the light weight of the LXi will be a big help. For boarding you would start adding fat sacs to the ski lockers and then go from there. It would be a great choice for what you are looking at doing. Also look at the XTii models and the some Supra D-drives. My own is a Sanger D215 and works well for both but it is a bit heavy for a pure ski ride so it winds up with two bumps to deal with while skiing. The surf and board wakes are great though.

shredthagnar 04-28-2012 1:19 PM

I ride behind the 07 lxi the wakes good with the wedge down. Needs a tower though

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