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tke104 04-27-2012 10:13 AM

SAN Stereo Questions
I posted this on PN, but I think I may get more information here. I know very little about stereos, and most of what I know I have learned by stalking the WW forums.

I have 2012 SAN 210. Right now the boat has the stock 6 in-boat speakers (Polk MM 651UM I believe), stock sub, and stock amps (Polk PA D4000.4 & PA D5000.5). I am undecided on tower speakers. I am looking at a pair of either Wetsounds Icon8 or REV8. I really don't want to blast the shoreline so I am leaning toward the Icon8. Hearing the music while I am wakeboarding isn't a huge concern of mine and I would rather have a clear speaker that didn't annoy my neighbors (as much). I have a few questions though before I purchase anything:

1. Are the stock amps worthless? It seems like they get a bad rap, but is that a function of how they are wired from the factory or are they just not great amps? I believe these are new for 2012. If anyone has any experience with these new amps please let me know your thoughts. I would hate to buy new amps if the ones that come with the boat will suffice for my needs.

2. Would I benefit enough to make it worth it by replacing the stock sub with either the Wetsounds free air sub, or the JL free air sub? Is one better than the other? I understand free air subs aren't the greatest, but I really don't want to have to sacrifice storage and/or cut vents in the boat. Can someone recommend a sub and/or something to improve a sub in the factory location?

3. Should I opt for the Dual 2ohm or Dual 4ohm WS sub? The Polk D5000.5 amp is stable on the sub channel to 1ohm (500w) - would this be too much power? I am thinking that a Dual 4ohm sub will be more versatile should I get a new amp at a later date. Also the Polk D5000.5 will give it enough power @ 2ohms (400w).

Wiring setup (assuming I stick with the stock amps) - please tell me if this would work or suggest an alternative.

6 - Polk MM641UM - RMS: 100w, 4ohm
1 - Wetsounds XS-10FA - RMS: 300w, Dual 2ohm or Dual 4ohm
2 - Wetsounds Icon8 (or REV8) - RMS: 200w, 4ohm

4 cabin speakers (Polk MM651UM), 2 each in parallel on channels 1&2 off Polk D4000.4 - 100w each speaker

2 bow speakers (Polk MM651UM), either (a) both wired in series on channels 3&4 (bridged) off Polk D4000.4 - 100w each speaker or (b) one on each channel 3&4 off Polk D4000.4 - 125w each speaker (too much power?) - option a would put these speakers in mono, correct?

1 sub (WS XS-10FA), sub channel off Polk D5000.5 either (a) Dual 4ohm in parallel - 400w or (b) Dual 2ohm in parallel - 500w

2 tower speakers (WS Icon8 or REV8), one each on channels 1&2 (bridged) & channels 3&4 (bridged) off Polk D5000.5 - 200w each speaker

I am assuming that I won't really notice/care that the tower speakers and possibly bow speakers are in mono, does that sound reasonable?

Thanks for the help.

04-27-2012 11:13 AM

I would definitely go with the icon series tower speakers. Id do as you said and run the 4 cockpit speakers in parallel on ch. 1-2, the bow speakers on ch 3&4(l/r), and your tower speakers just as you mentioned. As for the sub, you need to first determine if the amp runs 2 ohms bridged before you choose which voice coil setup. Also, consider your battery setup. If you anchor a lot you'll want to have a cranking battery and a deep cycle(separated)

tke104 04-27-2012 12:11 PM

Thanks. I don't anchor that much. The Polk PA D5000.5 amp has a sub channel which will run 200w @ 4ohms, 400w @ 2ohms, or 500w @ 1ohm. Will giving the bow speakers 125w be too much? Would it produce an uneven/distorted sound or can I just turn the gains down?

bendow 04-27-2012 2:24 PM

1. Those Polk amps are great amps, and definitely great for a boat considering they're class D full range. Some will say you need this amp or that amp becuase it's the best...not true. Anyway, the majority of 4 channels out there are class a/b and can't handle running your (6) Polk MM speakers since they're 2.7ohm speakers.

You'll want a D2 sub

04-28-2012 10:11 AM

i would run your tower speakers off of the 4000.4 that will give you 400w rms @ 4ohms x2. most of wet sounds speakers can handle more than their rms, and this way you won't have to turn the gain up really high. then run your dual 2 ohm sub at 1 ohm, and the cockpit speakers just as you said, with the bow speakers wired in 4ohms on ch. 3&4 off the 5000.5. double check my suggestions before hand.

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