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gotwake133 04-26-2012 9:01 PM

CTI Brace
Well Im getting ready to bite the bullet and upgrade my current knee brace to a CTI. I assume my best option is getting the OTS one, does anyone have any experience with this brace? Should I buy one off one of the sellers new on ebay, buywake, from the oscur website? Just looking for some advice from people that have already been down this road.


04-27-2012 12:22 PM

Unfortunately I cant vouch for the OTS model, but the Custom model I can. Its a solid well built brace and I never notice that im wearing it. I would imagine the OTS is very similar. I see football players wearing them occasionally, so I would assume they are a solid brace as well. This probably doesn't help much but its the best info I can give.

brett_cti_knee_braces 04-28-2012 1:20 AM

Travis - there are tons of unreliable sellers out there. I have heard some super shady stories. If you decide to purchase a CTi OTS brace online, I strongly encourage you to purchase it through buywake.com. They make sure you get the best product configuration/accessories for riding, plus if you order from them you get an extra set of straps and an AMS wrap. They also have great service and all the guys over there are super legit.

Hope this helps... ride safe/have fun!

Thomas - thanks for representing the CTi brand... much appreciate! Send me a message with your address/shirt size - and I will hit you back with one of our team tees.


kristian 04-28-2012 6:23 AM

I'm in the same boat as Thomas. Do not own the OTS, but do wear double custom vapors.

I've used (and broken) several different brands of knee braces and CTI by far comes out on top (in my opinion). Quality is brilliant! My only complaint is the velcro straps don't last all that long. (which isn't much of a complaint)

Several friends use the OTS models and really like them.

My sister lives in Orlando and I got my knee braces while i was over there. Call up ossur and they'll get you in contact with a rep. They hooked me up with a local orthopedic doc to get me all measured up. Super helpful guys!

MattAlz33 04-28-2012 8:49 PM

I have had the OTS for a few years and love it. My little bro got one last summer after blowing out his knee snowboarding and he loves his too. I almost got mine from BuyWake, but decided to go through my orthopedic surgeon's office because they fitted me for it and said if I had any issues I could go to them.

gotwake133 04-28-2012 9:00 PM

Thanks for the info guys! All good information, and now I feel much more confident in the purchase.

waketowake 04-28-2012 11:15 PM

Just ordered a custom one, comes in this week!

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