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TWCA21Wake 04-25-2012 2:49 PM

Liquid Force Harley
I am thinking about getting the 2011 Liquid Force Harley. Im 5'11 160 and probably gunna go with the 139. I ride boat 100% of the time and looking for some super pop. I am just wandering if anyone has any reviews on this board, or what things you like or didn't like about it. Also if anyone know any good deals where to get one that would be a awesome help.

migs 04-25-2012 3:44 PM

too small for you. get a bigger size

Michael 04-25-2012 3:45 PM

The problem is they dont offer a 143 in the Harley 2012

logan 04-25-2012 3:45 PM

check reviews on wakeworld there should be some.

(biting my tongue on the kent sports stuff right now....)

FreeRider209 04-25-2012 4:30 PM

I took the Harley 143 out a couple months ago. It was one f the funnest boards I have ever ridden. A lot of pop and super consistent. It definitely doesn't have a mind of its own so it gives you the freedom to charge hard into the wake. Really soft landings too.

Michael 04-25-2012 4:48 PM

I owned a 143 harley for a month or so... Great board, actually my favorite I have ever ridden. It reminded me of a faster Watson classic.

gotwake133 04-25-2012 5:09 PM

I am 5'11 and 165, I rode the 139 and really, really liked it. Super fast board, and the landings were amazingly soft!! Tons of pop off the wake, and overall an awesome board!!

And LF does offer it in a 143, But it would probably be a tad big, I felt perfectly fine on the 139.

TWCA21Wake 04-25-2012 6:43 PM

Cool. Thats exactly what i wanted to hear. Im gunna pull the trigger on one....now i just gotta sell my old one....2009 Hyperlite marek with Ronix Reliks

TheHebrewHammer 04-25-2012 8:01 PM

No, 139 is definitely not too small. That's the size for you. The midrange. The 143 is the biggest size they make. I'd recommend it for people who weigh 175lbs+

RideGull 04-25-2012 8:07 PM

im also 5'11'' and 155. i ride a 2011 harley 135. i had a ronix ibex 139 last year and i like the smaller board that im on this year more. you should go 135/139. 143 is too big. so between those two sizes is just personal preference

04-25-2012 8:32 PM

139. Im the same size and have a 138 and 139 n watson boards. Harley used to ride the watson classic so I was told he got alot of his ideas from that board.

stxr_racer 04-26-2012 2:33 AM

I've riden Ronix, hyperlite, cwb and control wakeboards and I found the Harley was by far the best! Riding wise it edged extremely well and realeased off the wake perfect! 139 will be a good size. It's super poppy and over all a great board! :)

ironj32 04-26-2012 4:32 AM

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Originally Posted by Michael (Post 1747198)
The problem is they dont offer a 143 in the Harley 2012

Sure they do, that's what I'm riding right now.

TWCA21Wake, the board is pretty rad. Forgiving and lots of pop (of course a lot has to do with your edge and how you ride up the wake). I don't think you'll be dissapointed.

stoked_32 04-26-2012 8:05 AM

Harley is a great board. Compared to your marek, it's going to feel really loose due to the fins being out so wide. Not to say it doesn't track well, but it is definately on the looser end of the spectrum. It's going to feel heavier than your current setup as well. Although it's not the softest landing board out there, it'll feel like a pillow in comparision. Finally the last major difference that you'll notice is that it'll have a more consistent pop. I think it's because all liquidforce boards seems to have a more continuous rail. Look at both board from the side and you'll see what I'm talking about. I'd say both are hard hitting boards that kick later, but it's not as abrupt on the harley.

I never progressed very quickly on the marek due to the fact that edge catches hurt way more and the kick off the wake was too abrupt. However I did go massive on all my tricks on that board. The harley for me was a much more consistent board, and I've learned the majority of my inverts on it. I think it's a good fit for you coming from a marek and you're really going to enjoy it.

TWCA21Wake 04-26-2012 1:53 PM

Thats perfect...i actully prefer the more loose feeling and not being so locked down into the water

Michael 04-26-2012 2:41 PM

They only offer the 143 in the grind base


gotwake133 04-26-2012 7:40 PM

It may not be on their website, but Im fairly confident they make a 143 in the non grind base.

04-26-2012 7:48 PM

That board pictured above thts 143 is the Grind version

Michael 04-27-2012 8:11 AM

They dont make it anymore.. After I broke my Harley I got a watson 143, it was a good trade.

ryanw209 05-01-2012 7:44 AM

They do/did make a 2012 Harley 143 without the grind base. I owned it. If its not on the website maybe they are OOS it I'm sure you can find one at your local shop but for the OP I'd also recommend the 139.

lfadam 05-01-2012 8:01 AM

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definitely still make the Harley 143 in non-grind base. I ride one

Michael 05-01-2012 8:31 AM

Thats trippy, I wonder if they just didnt put it on line by accident?

Michael 05-01-2012 8:35 AM

I really want that board again. I had it, broke it and couldn't find another. Now my Watson is breaking, so I know what im going to get.

rex789 05-01-2012 9:44 PM

How's the Lyman compare to the Harley? I've been riding the Harley for a couple years and absolutely love it, it sounds like a similar ride...

lfadam 05-01-2012 10:01 PM

The Lyman and Harley are somewhat similar (I used to ride the Lyman before switching to the Harley).

The Lyman was a rocket ship and had my favorite feel of any board I have ridden. Loose while flat, but held an edge great when you laid on it (with good technique) and released easily. Just felt awesome carving on that thing, like a Porsche 911 of the water. Pop was good, but not as good as the Harley. Landings are comparable-both good.
The Harley on the other hand, feels a little tighter while not on edge, but similar on edge. They changed the fin design ever so slightly from 2011 to 2012 and it made it feel more like the Lyman in edging. A great improvement in my opinion (They went with a slightly larger fin, but slid it all the way to the tip/tail instead of in a half inch or so). The Harley has huge pop and feels great wake to wake. You can see why Harley rides the way he does (massive wake to wake pop), his board fits him.

Both are great boards. The Lyman was more of a edging/carving-feel dream machine, while the Harley is more of a powerhouse. The Harley still feels good on edge, but it's forte is wake to wake pop. It is hard to beat for that style of riding.

In short, If you are moving from a Lyman to a Harley, you will notice a slightly more locked in feeling while neutral...similar feel on edge, slightly wider feel overall, and more pop.

stoked_32 05-02-2012 9:39 AM

I agree with Adam. I rode the Lyman for a little while. The main difference is that on the Harley, you can really feel that straight up wake to wake kick. The Lyman is faster, but you wont notice the hit at the wake as much.

logan 05-02-2012 12:00 PM

It's funny how so many people say don't ride bigger boards or that board is too big, the bigger boards have a bigger rocker line in them, I've always ridden big boards. I'm on a 144 right now and I'm not a big dude at all. I rode two different 142s before this, bigger boards are way more fun!

rex789 05-02-2012 12:16 PM

Word, thanks for the info. Nice attention to detail Adam. Lemme ask you, I'm 5' 7'' at 140, and I grew up on a 128 and moved to the Lyman 134 a few years ago. I love the feel of this size because I can just toss it around, and it doesn't feel too small at all.

What are the changes / differences between this years and last years Harley??

If I go with the new Harley, I'd like to go with the 135 again, but the 139 really isn't too much bigger. What do you guys think? TIA

logan 05-02-2012 12:42 PM

wider mid section and a tad more rocker on the 139, for me that translates into more pop and softer landings. Go with the 139.

rex789 05-02-2012 1:07 PM

What's changed from last years model and this years model?

logan 05-02-2012 4:28 PM


Originally Posted by rex789 (Post 1748923)
What's changed from last years model and this years model?

nothing, just graphics. Gotta love the innovation over at LF.

rex789 05-04-2012 10:30 AM

lol cool, I just bought a leftover 2011 for $280. DOPE!

05-04-2012 10:42 AM

^^board and boot combo? Care to pm me where you got that price?

newmy79 05-04-2012 10:48 AM


Originally Posted by newc048 (Post 1749478)
^^board and boot combo? Care to pm me where you got that price?

Ah me as well??

rex789 05-04-2012 12:04 PM

I got it off RDC Shop for $280, but it was the last one. The lowest I can find right now is $320.

I found one on eBay last night at a shop in Point Pleasant NJ for $260, but literally right as I signed on to get it, someone else beat me to it! It happened in the matter of a minute, I couldn't believe it!

I also got a pair of left over 2011 Ronix Cell's for $200 on eBay from a shop in Texas!

There's a couple 2012's on eBay right now from a shop in Georgia going for- buy it now- $360

dezul 08-18-2012 8:16 AM

It looks like multiple vendors have been discounting the 2012 versions this week on ebay. I picked one up for $340 with ultra fast shipping. I ordered on Wednesday and received on Friday from Jersey to Tenn. I seen that a couple of vendors are selling them for $300 now on ebay. Snag it up while you can.

08-18-2012 8:57 AM

I think his 2012 looks better than the '13 imo

bzubke1 08-18-2012 9:08 AM

Has anyone had problems with their 2012 harley boards breaking? My brother has had a 2011 for well over a year with no problems. I've broken 2 2012 harley's in the last 2 months.

08-18-2012 9:52 AM

I thought the '12 & '11 is exact same board different graphics??

bzubke1 08-19-2012 9:47 PM

It is the exact same board, just thought it was weird that i've broken 2 boards in less than 3 months and was curious if it was a common problem.

Anaru 08-19-2012 10:49 PM


Originally Posted by bzubke1 (Post 1776782)
Has anyone had problems with their 2012 harley boards breaking? My brother has had a 2011 for well over a year with no problems. I've broken 2 2012 harley's in the last 2 months.

My mate has broken 2 tex's and a Harley. He is riding a watson hybrid now.

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