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fman 04-25-2012 11:27 AM

Boat tool kit recommendations?
Looking for a good all around tool kit to keep in the boat that easily stowes away. I have a mix and match set right now, anyone have a recommendation? Thanks..

05sante 04-25-2012 1:03 PM

I keep a set similar to this one on my boat along with a crescent wrench, spare serpentine belt and spare impeller.


grant_west 04-25-2012 1:16 PM

I think the best Tool Kits are "Built not Bought" those kits like in the link seem to have everything that you DONT NEED! and it has 2 of them both in Metric and American LOL

My Advice is build a kit based off the the tools that you actually use. Example you Might not need Every socket like in that kit. If space is a issue I would get one of the Carry bag tool bags. Then load it with a large and small set of standard screwdrivers. A cresent wrench a small set of sockets. Wire cutters test light, electrical tape, a Large adjustable wrench. Vice grips large and needle nose. A good razor knife. Jumper cables. zip ties. I have found that the Stanley open end wrench set with the ratchet ends are the tools I seem to use the most..

That should get you started. Just remember the tools that you use or think you might need and start collecting B4 you know it you will have everything.

brett33 04-25-2012 1:27 PM

I agree with G. Built not bought is the way to go! Also, I carry spare belts for everything, impeller, fuses, and anything else I can get "back ups" of!

grant_west 04-25-2012 1:31 PM

ooo and a Metric and American set of bondis Allen wrenches

Txjole 04-25-2012 2:14 PM

What brand boat depends on what size kit you need to carry.

V 04-25-2012 5:29 PM

uh..........an Army issue Gerber and some 100mph Tape.

smokedog2 04-25-2012 6:03 PM

goggles and a razor knife. Spare boat plug. Spare key. Spare kill switch. Lighter. Spare car key. Tube repair kit. Distress flag. Multimeter. Flashlight. rag. duct tape.

Yea, I've used or needed all of those.

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