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the_fish 04-25-2012 7:47 AM

Ronix Slider Fins
Anybody use them? I was thinking about getting some and hopefully they would fit my Co. board. I hate not having fins at the cable.

Greg2223 04-25-2012 11:13 AM

I ride a ronix Phoenix project s. and have used the slider fins on some sliders and kickers, I still prefer to go finless when hitting the park. I feel like they almost get in the way and can throw you off with them on and when pressing I just like the finless feel. I do think alot has to do with the board though as well.

BamaLurker 04-25-2012 11:40 AM

Racheal has a pair. When she gets out of the hospital I'm pretty sure she would let you see if they'll fit the company.

the_fish 04-26-2012 4:33 PM

What kind of board does she ride at the park? I figured she would be riding that LF Ennen

TheHebrewHammer 04-26-2012 5:00 PM

They're really big and wide. Looks like they would slow the board down at lot and just feel pretty clunky. Can't say for sure though.

skiboarder 04-27-2012 7:42 AM

They will not fit your company unless you re-tap the fins. The bolts are a different size and the spacing is different too.

BamaLurker 04-27-2012 9:04 AM

I think it's called quarter till midnite. Haley smiths pro model. The industry needs to standardize fin holes.

the_fish 04-27-2012 12:50 PM

Thanks Justin I will just hold off on them. Not too big a deal anyway since I go to cable 1-2 times/year

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