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07LSV 04-24-2012 8:00 PM

Wetsounds XS650 magnet fell off? Anyone heard of this?
A friend of mine had a pair of the xs650 tower speakers offered at monster tower, which were in perfect shape and worked great. I sold them to a guy on ebay, and the speakers/amp included were tested to ensure they were in good working order. The buyer received these today and told me one speaker was only getting 10% of the volume compared to the other, testing on the same channel. I told him to open the speaker up to check connections, and he said the magnet fell off, which he re-attached...which fixed the problem a bit. Does this sound legit or does it sound like something else is going on?:confused:

cowwboy 04-24-2012 8:10 PM

Some of the smaller speakers are glued/ rivet like press fit to the basket.
I've had a old re sub separate like that after being in my buddies go fast boat from a rough ride during a poker run.
I wouldn't just try to glue it back on as you won't guarantee alignment of the voice coil.
Even if it's a bolted together motor structure you have to destroy the spider to get to the mounting bolts.
But yes with a large jolt it is possible.

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