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grant_west 04-24-2012 1:05 PM

Best Fly Killer??
Twice a year we seem to have a fly boom. The first outbreak is in Early Summer. (so that's right around the corner) The fly's are on crack for the good part of 3-4 weeks and then they taper off to almost nothing, Then they come back Late summer.

Wanted to see what people have found that works well. for BOTH inside your house and while out on the boat.

We didn't want to spray our self's with "OFF" or other insect spray's cause it was only fly's,

We had broken down to bringing a fly swatter out on the boat and killing the bastards. It seems that a fly will fly into the boat and just seem to never leave. Even when you get on plane and go fast try to blow them out . They would fly down to the carpet and hang on. Then when you slowed down the would bug the crap out of you till you killed them. Fly swatter worked great cause you could get them on pretty much any surface.

I have one of thoes electric fly swatters at home and they work great, But You have to get them mid air (you cant or shouldn't) be slamming the electric fly swatter against surfaces so it dosen't seem pratical out on the boat.

Last Year for the house we tryed
The Hanging Fly Trap's the kind you add water to they worked great (but they are smelly and gross as hell) if its outside and the wind blows by the trap towards you the smell is death.

"Hot Shot" hanging Bait trap's they worked good for the fly's that end up in you house and don't seem to go away they seem to over time find the hanging bait and die. Its not instant but they are not ulgy and don't have a bung of dead bugs hanging off them

Any advice or tips would be great

brettw 04-24-2012 1:37 PM

For the outside I've used one of those hanging fly trap bags, and it's worked great. For in the house I use and electric flyswatter that you can get on Ebay. That works well too since you can swing at them in midair and zap em.

psudy 04-24-2012 1:44 PM

Those fly bags get pretty nasty when full. I used them around a dog pin

Tucker_McElroy 04-24-2012 3:19 PM

From my grandma, fill a small cup or dish with apple cider vinegar and then drop a couple drops of dishsoap in it. The flies will be attracted to vinegar, land on top, and drown. The dishsoap reduces the surface tension and flies can't walk on the surface. This seems to only work regionally, I'm not sure why. It does work here in AZ.

humboldt9 04-24-2012 3:32 PM

For your outside patio you might want to try hanging a few large zip lock bags filled with about 3/4 water from the awning or patio cover. Place a couple of pennies in each bag. I learned this from a local desert rat that lives on the Colorado River. It's worked for me at our place in AZ. I've been told the reflection from the penny in the water does something to irritate the flies. It might look a little ghetto but it's worked for me and no smell.

04-24-2012 3:46 PM

I've seen that penny in the bag deal all over the place - at a lot of restaurants too. I always thought - what a joke that can't work - but I've got to admit I'm always sitting on a patio and there are not any flies around when I'm thinking that.

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