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Greg2223 04-24-2012 8:29 AM

Do you ride in rough water
as summer is approaching all the nice glass water is going to be rare now especially on weekends. I rode this past weekend and the water was just **** so I just let go and finished riding for the day. Do you ride in rough water? Ive seen some guys who ride in rough water and it doesnt seem to get in the way for them still killing it out there.

migs 04-24-2012 8:42 AM

Never - i ride at the delta :D

Def deal with rough water when i hit the lakes though.

the_fish 04-24-2012 8:43 AM

On weekends I don't ride if rollers have ruined the water so we have to wait until just before dark because we are too lazy to get up early. If it's choppy from the wind it will just depend on how desperate I am to ride.

Michael 04-24-2012 9:16 AM

I dont ride it often. But sometimes I do because i feel it helps your riding when you have to hit an unpredictable wake.

austin 04-24-2012 9:18 AM

I don't get to ride very often, so yes I'll generally ride in anything. I usually regret it though once I get out there and my arms are tired after 30 seconds and I can't make a smooth cut towards the wake due to all the waves. I don't ride well at all in boat choppy conditions, though I have improved some in windy conditions.

stephan 04-24-2012 9:53 AM

Nope. I don't ride enough but I don't have the patience to get beat up in crap water. My last wake injury was from riding a tournament in rough as hell water, got booted a little sideways, came down on my side and broke my rib.

Get up early and be done by 9am, mornings are pretty anyways. Butter sets are just the icing.

jarrod 04-24-2012 10:23 AM

nope. I'll stay in the boat and drink beer.

shredthagnar 04-24-2012 10:29 AM

Just gotta search the lake for that sweet spot

slob02 04-24-2012 11:19 AM

I don't (lucky to be on a private lake)....... But to me riding bad water is better than not riding at all. Unless someone is just hanging on and burning gas!!
Bad water is a great time to practice riding switch.

newmy79 04-24-2012 11:33 AM

I hate riding in rough water, it throws off my timing and everything else and I just can't edge through it while bouncing up and down. I give credit to those who do, and the Pro's, but that's why they are pro's. When it gets windy and rough it's either time to surf or just hang out. Or call it a day. No sense in getting hurt. There's always tomorrow.

sippi 04-24-2012 11:37 AM

too easy to find glass around here to ride in rough water. those days are for hangin out on the sandbar

bcrider 04-24-2012 1:04 PM

Won't ride in rough water. It just gets me mad and seems like a waste of a run as it tires you out really fast and I don't like the unpredicable wake as others have mentioned. I'd rather just hang in the boat and sipple the wobbly pops.

jhartt3 04-24-2012 1:19 PM


Originally Posted by slob02 (Post 1746843)
I don't (lucky to be on a private lake)....... But to me riding bad water is better than not riding at all. Unless someone is just hanging on and burning gas!!
Bad water is a great time to practice riding switch.

Yep thats what i have been doing on rough water... just ride some swtich behind the boat. I'm still pretty new to wakeboarding but that has helped me a lot with switch riding.

hrwboarder 04-24-2012 1:35 PM

We wouldn't even think of weighting the boat and all just to ride on a rough day.. my past few summers have been a few evening sets on weekdays when there is generally no one out and then weekend mornings and then maybe the afternoon if the days not too crowded. I don't ever plan to actually get to wakeboard in the middle of the day on any given weekend day.

Luker 04-24-2012 2:47 PM

Riding in doodoo conditions isn't much fun but it does make you a better wakeboarder. In rough water you kinda have to just commit to a trick before you hit the wake no matter what kind of pop you get... which I think helps tons with your mental game. I remember when I was riding boat everyday sometimes I'd get picky with the wake on smooth days and not commit to tricks because i didn't "get the right kinda pop"... but when its choppy you're more likely to commit to throw something knowing the pop might not totally be there but you just say fudge it and go.

i also think it helps teach board / handle control for when you get a surprise little double up or a flat spot in the wake... makes you adjust in the air which again helps your mental game for other tricks when things go wrong in the middle of something.

Plus if you are EVER gonna ride in any kind of contest you better up your chop game cause its about 90% the water will suck haha

That being said... i really hate riding in rough water. haha

irishrider92 04-24-2012 4:51 PM

Yes. We'll look for calm water but we'll probably ride to it while looking. Absolutely vital for comp riding. If I'm on holidays though I might just chill if its rideable-choppy but if I'm at home I'm on it. There is a point where I won't but its usually if the boat is rocking up and down significantly

BamaLurker 04-25-2012 12:06 PM

Well said Luker!!! We usualy just go winch on the weekends and let the water roaches ant tubers have the lake. Weekdays after work is when we get our wake on.

captain_vilfo 04-25-2012 12:43 PM

gas is too expensive to ride in crappy water

jperkinsttu 04-25-2012 12:47 PM

Well said captain. Plus I try to minimize my time around the dock I use with crappy conditions due to it being exposed to all water conditions.

VinnyA 04-25-2012 1:00 PM

Lol i ride in the Long island sound. Basically the ocean, what is this "Flat Water" you speak of?

coonj13 04-25-2012 8:45 PM

I try not too. I went 2 weekends ago, chippy freezing water. Just wanted to ride and get back in the swing of things.

During the summer it's all about being up at 6, and riding until its too dark to see. I'll tear up the choppy water on my sea-doo. It's much more fun that way.

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wakerider111 04-26-2012 11:22 PM

Lake Powell often times gets pretty choppy and i only ride 20-30 times a year so YES.

as has been said, it is a good time to practice switch riding...


don't save switch riding only for rough water. practice switch riding even in smooth riding. You are never going to land a switch toeside- toeside wake to wake jump in rough water.

BKinSoCal 04-28-2012 7:10 PM

I'm on the water by 6am for the butter and once it gets rough, that's when we surf.

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