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04-23-2012 10:44 PM

Alpine tower speakers
This past month I made my own fiber glass enclosure for 4 alpine spr-m700 7" coaxial speakers. I have them powered by a rockford amp pushing about 90 watts to each speaker. I just hooked it up today and all I can say is WOW. I could imagine the loudness these $2k wetsounds tower setups are putting out. Just my 4 alpines get plenty loud to hear from wakeboarding 75 feet back.

I am beginning to think that some people are just going by the advertisements when buying tower speakers because at $180 retail for a pair, these definitely are all that most people need. I couldn't imagine how loud Rev10's get.

h20king 04-24-2012 6:53 AM

What you think is loud now will change when wakeboarding.iI doubt you will be able to hear your system while underway and 75 feet back over the water and engine noise JMTC

bendow 04-24-2012 12:07 PM

Nice job on making your own enclosure, wakeworld isn't the DIY it used to be. It's more about I had someone install x amount of x.

Like Harold said you may not be able to hear it all that great once you're out on the water and 75ft back, but that doesn't mean you have to spend $2k. You can install your own HLCD. I can assure you wakeboarders weren't the first group of people who wanted to hear music from a distance. Ever been to a concert?

Here's an idea
This Horn

With this compression driver

melvinator 04-24-2012 12:20 PM

I have 2 6.5" pioneer 4 way speakers in homemade cans on my tower with about 75 watts going to each one and I can hear them fine 75 ft back. Not the greatest out in the flats, but well enough.
WW could do a DIY article on my boat! I have DIYed almost everything and saved a ton, maybe when I am done with my diy bimini, tinted windshield and partial wrap I will get ahold of dave. Less than $350 for 15" vinyl stripe, bimini and tinted windows:)

tx_foilhead 04-24-2012 1:51 PM

+1 for Harold's comment. My Rev 10's are insainley loud when the boat is on the trailer even at half volume. End of an 85 ft rope @ 25mph is a different story. They are the only tower speakers I've ever been behind that I can hear at all, and they do sound good, just not loud. I suspect for it to be loud at the end of the rope you need so many that most people say WTF when they see your tower, I'm not going there and don't know anyone who has so just a guess.

bendow 04-24-2012 2:34 PM


Originally Posted by tx_foilhead (Post 1746875)
They are the only tower speakers I've ever been behind that I can hear at all


04-24-2012 2:37 PM

This is what I made. It is awesome at under $300 for everything.

I used to have the old style box like speakers that had cheap little 3.5" speakers and tweeters built in and I could barely hear those while wake boarding. These however blow them away.

Its nothing compared to wet sounds but for the money they can't be beat. I will find out saturday if I can hear them 75ft back. All I'm looking for is having the rider to have the ability to know what song is playing for some wakeboard inspiration. I feel like I am going so succeed in that goal.

bhyatt_ohp 04-24-2012 2:55 PM


Good on you for taking the time to save yourself a ton of $ and construct something that looks pretty decent. I'm sure with the power you are putting to those, they will accomplish what you want them to. My only suggestion would be to paint those speaker covers black.

I too have (4) 6.5" speakers (MB Quartz to be exact) on my tower with similar wattage going to them. Mine are housed in individual Titan speaker cans on my illusion tower on my VLX. I am more than happy with the sound they produce. They are loud enough if i choose to listen to music while I ride, but more importantly to me, they sound good in the boat - unlike wetsounds that sound like huge megaphones IMO. Sure they are loud while you are riding, but i just dont' like the price, sound or look they have. I'll stick with my old school cans and if I blow a speaker out, 6.5" speakers can be found just about anywhere.

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