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sprucie 08-20-2003 9:59 PM

I just finished changing out the hard tanks and replacing them with the 600# fat sacs. What a difference! <BR> <BR>Here's my question, the battery in the compartment beside the engine on the drivers side cramps one of the sacs. Has anyone relocated their battery to a different spot in the boat.

sprucie 08-21-2003 3:50 PM

Ok if no one moves the battery how are you all getting the fat sac to fill completely with out moving the battery?

jeffr 08-21-2003 4:15 PM

Bruce, <BR>Not sure where the stock battery is located in your X10. I have a 98 Maristar and when I first added a second battery I had it in the back next to the engine on the passenger side. When I switched to bigger ballast bags in the backÖ yep the battery was in the way when I tried to fill my ballast. <BR> <BR>Itís an easy move. You can buy cables in different lengths and put your batteries where you want them. I now have 2 batteries under the rear seat. One on either side. <BR> <BR>I got my cables from the local Interstate Battery distributor but any auto store should carry them too. Good luck. <BR>

sprucie 08-21-2003 5:43 PM

Jeff I thought about moving it under the pax side in the rear but it looks like there's not eough height. Are you using lead acid or the ultima batteries turned on their side?

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