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Wald0 04-20-2012 11:38 AM

Ronix 2012 Cell's or one's?? of system's
Hi! just got my new board (Watson hybrid 2012) and want new bindings on it..

First i did want Hyperlites systems but then i read that sizes are little small??
cos i have size 13.. so about 29,5 cm or 11.6 in so what im asking is that is my feet too big for
those System binding boots? is there anybody who has that big feet and uses this year boots?
shane or marek boots..

and if that dont work then back up is Ronix Cells or ones.. dont really know should i go for stiff boot or not...

i had 2010 Relix boots before and after they broke i got ronix kai's 2011 for warranty ( not make sense so much to get cheaper boots back from shop but that was only big size they had, or at least that what they said to me..." old relix boots are size 13-14

Thanks anybody for help

irishrider92 04-21-2012 4:36 AM

It depends on what your reference is with the cells. I don't know much about the systems, but which did you prefer between the Kai's and the Reliks? The Reliks are the softest boot Ronix make and the Kai's are more like the Ones, kind of a medium stiff boot. If you go from Kais to the Cells, it would be similar to the jump from the Reliks to the Kais in terms of stiffness.

Personally I've always liked medium-stiff/stiff boots. I've had Transits and Company bindings and went for Franks last year and didn't like it too much. I'll probably go for Ones whenever I get riding again.

irishrider92 04-21-2012 4:58 PM


Bumpass1 04-21-2012 5:17 PM

I have had 3 pairs of boots in the past 2 seasons, one pair of '09 closed toe Kais, '10 Ones, and now '12 Defy Ones. I personally like Ones better than any other boots I have ridden in. The Kais were too narrow and made my feet hurt so bad that I could only stand to be in them for about 10-15 minutes before I had to get them off. I went to the ones and did not have that problem. I spoke to the Ronix rep about it during a demo day and he conformed that the Kais are cut narrow. This years Ones have about twice as much cushion in the. Compaired to the '10 Ones that I have. It does seem that my '12 Defys are a little stiffer than the old Ones. It could be that the water is still cold making the a little stiffer. I haven't been in Cells so I can't comment on them.

Wald0 04-22-2012 1:27 AM

Thanks for replys.
From 10 relix to 11 kais did not notice toi much anything.. Exept maybe entry to relix was better

Ou twice as much cushion?

I was also thinking has they change anything from 2011 cell's to 2012 cell's exept those color stripes from red to yellow but if they add more coushion for one's they must have done that cell's too?

What about baseplate? Does 2011 kai's have same baseplate that all ronix bindings have at 2011?
So same material and all??

Marksy 04-22-2012 2:29 AM

2011 and 2012 cells I think are the same, the board in the package is the same shape so i assume the boot is. I ride 2012 cells and previously rode 2008 cells.

Personally I love the stiffness and the how supportive the cells feel. The height is just right as well and still allows you to poke out grabs etc. Good looking boots as well.

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