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the_fish 04-20-2012 10:56 AM

Funny pic
I lol'd hard at this. I want about 5k of these stickers to throw all over the public ramps and boathouses of tubers. Sorry for the gigantic size of the pic.

<img src=http://i1127.photobucket.com/albums/l629/OskitheBear/1334678074.jpg>

baitkiller 04-20-2012 11:10 AM

Rude....and not altogether accurate...
but funny

sippi 04-20-2012 11:10 AM

haha niiiice

melvinator 04-20-2012 11:45 AM

OMG I just ordered 2!

kybool 04-20-2012 12:14 PM

Rude, totally accurate and completely funny. Just need a version for wakesurfing to slap next to this one.

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