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espritv8 04-20-2012 2:52 AM

Walter vdrive troubleshooting

How do you know if the oil pressure sensor is defect or if you really have an oil pressure problem?


camassanger 04-20-2012 6:48 AM

Check the oil level. If it's good, it is probably the sensor. There really isnt much that can go wrong with the V drive as long as it has enough oil.

espritv8 04-20-2012 11:39 AM

Oil level is good. Isn't it an oil pump in the vdrive? If it can go wrong, how would you check?

camassanger 04-20-2012 12:05 PM

I'm pretty sure the gears themselves are the pump. If your prop is turning oil is pumping. Check the connector on the the pressure sensor that could be the problem. It was for me once.

camassanger 04-20-2012 12:06 PM

Don't forget, the light comes on at idle always. Only when you throttle up does the pump generate pressure then the light goes out on the dash.

cadunkle 04-20-2012 12:36 PM

I'd guess the same way as anything that pumps oil... Remove the sender and attach a mechanical gauge. If you have a problem it's a good idea to drain the oil and check to any metallic debris or specs in the oil. If you see that, you have a problem.

wakebrdr38 04-20-2012 1:55 PM


Originally Posted by espritv8 (Post 1745845)

How do you know if the oil pressure sensor is defect or if you really have an oil pressure problem?


Im guessing this is in a Nautique. I have an 02 SANTE and have noticed a few weird things happen with my oil sensor as well. Every once in a while it will read low oil pressure on the guage on the dash and yet when I manually check both engine and vdrive they are at normal levels. I have seen a little bit of corrosion on the sensor though and believe that may be the issue. I trouble shot this from the dash back to the motor and the guage works. It doesnt do it all the time, maybe once a season or so. Everytime I call it a day, get to the dock check it all out and there are no issues. Ive noticed that when I change the oil the problem goes away. Now some of that has to do with the motor I realise and your question is about the vdrive.

Walter vdrives (in my nautique) are probably my only complaint about the boat. They are a total pain to check the level in, change the oil in, and add oil to. It is difficult to get an accurate reading and very difficult to fill. This has been addressed on some nautique forums and I have experienced it first hand. Also known to be an issue is a leaky bottom gasket which can drip oil into the bilge. Relatively simple fix considering it is just a gasket but again, the removal of the vdrive can be a 30 minute job or a 4 hour job depending if the bolts decide to come out or not. This can be pricey at the dealership @$100 an hour to fix a $10 or less part. The vdrive light on your dash should go off if you are over 1000 rpms (mine goes off at 850 or so). Ive only seen it stay on one time, we immediately put the boat up, added oil to the vdrive and the light went off.

Not sure if this post will help but I do know how nerve racking it is when you are constantly wondering if the oil sensors are working. You might call the folks at White Lake Marine and tell them what your worries are and they can walk you through how to trouble shoot any issues. That is what I did when my oil pressure dropped. It at least reassured me that there wasnt a problem and it is just a fluke thing.

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