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jon4pres 04-18-2012 7:10 PM

Spring Tree House Project
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It has become a tradition that every spring we do a big project to make the lake house better. Last year we built a new dock. The year before that we built and outdoor fireplace and kitchen. This was is the year of the tree house.

Like most of these projects it started small and soon grew out of control. Here are a few pictures of the progress. I will throw up some more when it is finished.

Located in a tree. It is 8ft off the ground at the entrance and probably 15 ft high at the highest point on the first story. The first story is 10x10 and includes an entrance with a ladder several big windows and a trap door to the second story. The second story is 7x7 and includes a porch, a couple of windows, and a cable bridge that spans 25ft.

The project is all framed with angle iron that is lagged into an old hedge tree.

I will get some better pictures when we get closer it finished.

jon4pres 04-18-2012 7:13 PM

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Here is the view from the upstairs porch.

digg311 04-18-2012 11:09 PM

Unbelievably cool. The 12 year old inside me wants you to adopt him.

wakereviews 04-19-2012 9:56 AM

That is great!!! Can you come build one at my house?

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