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justinlkgb 04-18-2012 4:29 PM

05 VLX vs. 05 21SSV
In the market to get a new to me boat this year and have narrowed it down really to these two.

having only rode once behind a malibu and only a few on a 24 SSV I don't have a whole lot to compare with.

Question is which has the better wake? The Supra in this case is esetially fully loaded, but has upholstery repair needed. This does have about 150 hours less. than the malibu. Down side =Supra is 8-10 Hrs away. not afraid of driving, but if it didn't compare then it would be a waste.

I was able to water test the VLX today as it is a local boat, went well, aside from a "dieseling" like noise from the Monsoon engine. 480 hrs. this also has the 4 tank ballast which is a huge plus. How much additional weight is needed in the rear to get a real nice wake? on the test today, it didn't seem that great, Now this is my first look at a wake this year but i expected to see something more signifigant. Also found out this VLX was not standard to have perfect pass, which is essential.

With having to add PP and the bimini the cost is now about 3500 more for the VLX. The Supra is the less expensive even with all the options and less hours, withe the same 340HP motor.

What would you do?


04-18-2012 9:20 PM

The Supra will require less weight in my experience to get a good wake. Along with all the reasons you listed, I would go with it. Less hours, loaded, and perfect pass would seal the deal with me. The 21V has always had a very good wake, only problem would be the older ballast systems. I would definitely try to get that upgraded to the newer system they use today, night and day difference.

justinlkgb 04-19-2012 2:01 PM

Thanks for your reply TN, this is the route I am leaning towards now. To make matters worse a 2004 X-star has come into the picture. This was before not achievable. This has always been the boat I wanted to have, but not the 04, the 08 anniversary. By chance do you have any experience with an X-star?


04-19-2012 2:25 PM

It really just depends on what you want, so if it were me I would try to demo both the Supra and the XStar. That way you know which one to go with. I don't have any experience with that XStar, but I'm sure someone on here does and can give you some info on it.

bruizza 04-19-2012 2:32 PM

If you've always wanted an x star even if it was a different year but the same basic boat I would get the x star. Demo them though. Demoing is always the way to go.

ldr 04-19-2012 2:34 PM

functional differences between 04 and 08 x star would be swivel board racks on the 08 and they added a larger rudder in late 05 that made a huge difference.
You should be able to swap the rudder but i'm not sure what the cost would be.

justinlkgb 04-19-2012 3:20 PM

Thanks Fellas, this is awesome news. In a perfect world and conditions, I would jump on the Supra and attempt a sale within 3 years, to hopefully obtain the dream boat. the sesible side of me says that this would be very difficult due to the nature of financing and likelyhood of being upside down.

If possible i would demo both boats, however, one is in Missouri, and the other in Illinois. I live in MN.

Matthew, are you saying that there was or is no real diffence in hull from 04 to 08? I had been behind a 06-07 not exatly sure which but it pulls this contest in Southern MN every year and the wake is honestly the largest wake I have ever seen or ridden on,

jeff_mn 04-19-2012 7:07 PM

Yup, same hull. The boat didn't change a ton from 04-08. The rudder made a big difference, the graphics and interior styling changed, swivel board racks in like 06.

Great boat. A guy in our crew (here in MPLS) has an 06' with a pile of weight and the wake is absolutely money.

justinlkgb 04-19-2012 8:26 PM

Well, I got this thread side tracked in a hurry, I think I may pursue the Xstar route. Any chance I could see a pic of that wake without the weight, or with it? By chance does he bring the boat to mankato for a tourney for the past 4 yrs or so? I think its the last day of July every year.

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